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Spitfire 1500 rear sag

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I know this topic has been mentioned before but I am new to spitfire ownership. I have purchased a 1979 spitfire 1500 and the rear drivers side is sagging and both rear wheels look different when looking from the rear of the car. The passenger side rear wheel looks vertical and the drivers side rear wheel has,I think the correct camber. Any help on these problems will be appreciated. I live in Spain and there are not many spitfires over here. Excuse my non technical explanations but I will need to explain the possible causes to a mechanic over here. I have attached photographs in the hope they help.

Many thanks in advance.


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Hi, first thing to do is to jack the car centrally in the front and then at the rear to check which end of the car is causing the lean


rear leans are often from the front


Heres some idea.s

Failed swing spring fixed leaf

seized rear trunnions

odd length driveshaft fitted to one side

bent anti roll bar

front spring platforms at wrong height on a front shocker


just some idea, s


welcome to the joys of classic, s



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