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Commission numbers


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Does there exist a list of chassis numbers with the years they were commissioned.

I know Canleys has its list but it has the car, the years of production and numbers built.

What I am looking for is,  for example  1 Jan 1967 to  31 December 1967 chassis number xxxxxxx to chassis number yyyyyy 


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You find some of this information in the WSM, page 0-107 (could not send picture now). The Mk II has commission that starts with HC50001, built from October 1968. MkI has number HC1 onwards built from October 1966 to September 1968. The Vitesse 6 has number HB1 -> built from April 1962 until June 1963. HB15001 onwards built from July 1963 up to August 1966.


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One way to correlate a specific number to production year is to order a BMIHT certificate. My Vitesse has number HC974LCV and was built on 19:th of October 1966. I have never seen the kind of list you refer to (number range per year) but maybe someone else here has. We will soon find out 🙂

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