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Herald rear tub chassis mount/kickboard position


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Hello Chaps, tricky one this.

I'm busy cutting and welding the crusty bits of my rear tub, I'm currently repairing the area around the body mount that is roughly in line with the back of the doors. My question is should the tabs on the mount be in line with the edge of the kick plate?

I've photographed it, the silver straight edge in the pic is pressed on the side of the kick plate, as can be seen I have a gap? ( please don't laugh at my welding on the repair in the pic.....I'm doing my best!!!)


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Yes, it should be tight to the line of the wing and treadplates.

Don't worry too much about it; get the lines of the treadplates and doors etc right, all in line with the sill. There's a lot of movement in those mountings when you come to fit the bolts, that's why there's such a large hole in them, and you may be alright as is.

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Cheers again Colin,

Ok will do , my plan was always to do most of the repairs other than the bottom panel repair between the back of the doors and in front of the rear wheel and then fit the so the door gaps are good and then weld the repair  panels in place.

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Hi again, rapidly approaching the point where I will loosely fit the rear tub, line up the doors so I can fit the repair panels behind the doors and ensure they fit nicely around the door bottoms.

One of my quandaries is that the bottom edge of the the repair panal should fit nicely with the bolt on sill, my problem is that my sills look like they have been bodged on many times and it's difficult to determine where they should sit in the vertical plain ie. should they be pushed up tight against the bottom edge of the kickboards? or should there be a gap?

If I fit the sill as they came off there is probably a 4mm gap between the top of the sill and bottom edge of the kick board, I suppose it would make more sense to have a bit of a gap it's just how much?



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