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Power steering rebuild?

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Hi all.

I am the proud owner of a 2500TC estate which I am slowly working my way through fixing/updating as I see fit.

The latest area for attention is the steering. Currently un assisted, but I have all of the parts required to fit power steering from a slightly later 2500S.

Before fitting, it would seem to me to be common sense to replace the seals in the pump & rack, but on investigation, this looks more complex that I had originally hoped. I am reasonably competent, but might have problems if special tools or knowledge are required!

My questions are:

Has anybody out there rebuilt the rack/pump, & if so, how hard is it? Are specialist tools needed?

Does anybody know of anyone out there who undertakes rebuilds (& possible cost??)

Or, as the system was working ok on the donor car is it best to leave well alone?? (There is alot of gunk on the pump/rack/cross member, but to the untrained eye it looks like old engine oil, & that it to be expected of a 40  year old car).

Any help/advice would be appreciated.


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when i converted mine i got the parts from chris witor , so the rack was a recon, and pump well it has been fit and forget

have you got the reinforced front engine plate ???    drilled for the pump or will you drill the existing ???

most leaks seem to be from the pipe unions as they are not easy to get on to   split ring spanner is useful


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Cheers Pete.

Got all of the parts from a donor car I bought.

Purchased new high & low pressure pipes & new pipework from Chris Witor, so was just anxious about the internal seals.

Feedback from Chris is that stripping & replacing seals might be awkward, am tempted to trust in what is already in place, but a part of me thinks it might be sound sense to replace the seals whilst everything is off the car!


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it does transform a lumbering tub to a more  spiritedly fun 

i can get up the road witha va varom and get her on my drive instead of wildilg the giant stg wheel to end up aimed at the next doors .  Ha 

have fitted a 14" springalex  i feel is more suited 




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