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Removal of drivers side dash

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I can't seem to find how to remove the drivers side dash. It's packed behind with a rat's nest of wire, so I can't get my hand in there, and I need to replace the hazard switch. Do I need to take off the centre dash panel first? Any help appreciated.   OOPS SHOULD HAVE SAID, GT6 MK3!

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It should be similar to the Spitfire MkIV/1500 ones so:

The panel is only DIRECTLY held to the dash frame by a stud and nut near the top on the far right side, and a tab that goes behind the centre dash panel at the top that the top/right centre dash screw passes through.

It's then held indirectly, to a greater or lesser degree by almost everything on it!  I think the bigger holds are:

  1. Eyeball air vent - think the retaining ring for this clamps vent->dash->dash frame.
  2. Have a feeling the choke cable may go through a dash frame hole too.

Then you have everything else that needs to be unscrewed from, or unplugged to release wires.

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