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  1. Another one I've had is the pin holding the plastic arm+scren assembly fall out. Think a split pin fixed that one.
  2. Yea, think you might have some 'nodding dog' issues with that bracket - or does the catch tank actually sit on the bulkhead and the arm's just to keep it upright?
  3. Take a look at the image of the 3.89:1 ratio diff on the Rimmers site - https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-RTC2305R You can see the breather pin on top of/just ahead of the big hole for the rear mounting bolt on the D/S.
  4. Mjit


    I'm not sure anyone is proposing just chucking rubber bladers in the boot, optionally wrapped in Thermite. So THAT'S what closed the M11 on Sat (thankfully closed from the turnoff I wanted anyway).
  5. I've used PTFE tape on both engine and gearbox sump plugs that weeped without any issues. Doesn't actually need a huge knock to make the hold fractionally out of round. Not enough to stop the plug screwing freely in/out but enough to give some oil molecules are route to freedom.
  6. Mjit


    I've said before that battery EVs are generally an engineering dead-end and H is the only long term escape from fossil fuels - though actually burning it in an internal combustion engine is just the new steam car (people trying to stick with what the technology they understand) and fuel cells producing electricity for electric motors is what will win out in the long term. And producing H isn't an issue, you just pass electricity through water. No, this isn't the most efficient process in the world and does need a lot of energy, and yes also needs to be transported... If only there was a whole part of the world that got lot of sunlight, had lots of land you could put solar cells on that was just desert that nobody really wanted for anything else, and was run buy a load of people who currently got all their money from extracting fossil fuels which they could see would soon stop being such a cash cow leaving them and all their huge oil transporting ships out of work.
  7. 1. Unbolt the starter motor from the gearbox and place it somewhere so it's supported, not just hanging from the electrical cable. 2. You should then be able to get a pair of mole grips clamped onto the flywheel through the starter motor hole. 3. Turn the nut and while you may get a little free movement the mole grip should soon wedge against the bell housing and the nut start to undo.
  8. Sorry for slow reply - time flies... No pics handy but just had a quick measure and with a 3/4" lowering block the bottom edge of the rear wheel arch in line with the axle on my car sits 595mm from the floor.
  9. Depends on where your time/skill/budget circles overlap. While you COULD save them (with enough time and skill) I have a feeling you're going to find a lot of body filler when you start attaching the existing wings so would probably just go straight to new wing pressings. It's harder/due to lazyness people are less likely to bodge the wheel arch tubs so other than fabricating some new outer lips, which aren't the most complicated shape/a visible area, I think you'll get away with those.
  10. Certainly there are 2 wires that plug in to the blower motor, one each side and black/green sound about right - but without ripping the centre dash section out to check I wouldn't bet my life on the colours.
  11. Ozzy - a man who could go on tour and get so drunk/high that he'd take some girls back to his hotel room...completely forgetting his wife was on tour with him and that they were sharing a room
  12. Mjit


    It's a Nissan Micra in drag so you're not missing much.
  13. Not that I give a Dingo's kidney, even if I had one but the whole "6 x 9 = 42" thing is intentional - the computer designed by Deep Thought to work out the ultimate question (Earth) was blown up seconds before the calculation was complete, so the question Arther Dent isn't a correct one.
  14. Did you try the Panda - same chassis but with more space and more comfortable seats?
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