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TR7 choke cable attachment to carbs and route

Colin Lindsay

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Can anyone jog my memory as to how this connects? I think I've got the yellow accelerator cable fitted so that just leaves the other on the same bracket.The green choke cable is just a plain cable with no fancy ends to connect, as the accelerator cable has - see photo. I may have a part missing, if it doesn't just use a small clamp on the end. How does it attach to the engine bracket; is it just sloted through with no fixing? Can anyone get a good photo that shows the connection? It's holding me up... as usual... 

OIP.j8w49FsOhnsVkvGwSe-rrgAAAA.jpeg.bf89bf5f6dd04da4c462e340dd299a99.jpeg 0014577_choke-cabletkc5297_550.jpeg.8aca40cadbfe35a74d2fa52c62ae0d58.jpeg

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Dave, you've no idea how much! Believe it or not I was trying to put it through the same bracket that the accelerator cable attaches to, and pointing it UP... :)

Much obliged!

Actually I've just done mine back to front and put the choke cable through the loop by the brake balancer, so both have to come off again. It wouldn't be me if it went on first time.

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