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How to check front hub end float with feeler gauge


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This is possibly a very dumb question, but I'm planning on changing the rotors tomorrow and the Haynes says I can check hub end float using a feeler gauge, but I honestly have no idea how to do it...  Help appreciated.  Also, any advice on front rotor replacement?  I took the wheel off and my first reaction was, what the hell, I've never seen a system like that before (having only worked on post-90s cars previously!).  I've got a manual but any tips and tricks would be very welcome. 

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its easy , nip the castle nut lightly , ( no gorilla hands )   back of one or two flats ,insert th split pin the stub has two pin holes to aid some fine adjustment 

definitely  never make it pre loaded you will soon sieze the outer race to the stub, 

with the wheel on you should detect a few mm of rock at the riim     there is a spec of 0.002 to 0.008" ( at 008 it is quite excessive not liked by most )

 dont fill the hub cavity with grease just grease the races  

if you fit new felt seals re check after a few miles as the felt settles down  , if using  the exisiting then just back off as said and forget 

too much float will push pads back when parked up , too little will be expensive if it seizes 

many MOT muppets dont appreciate the design ( common on many pre 80s) must have small end float to cope with the heat generated 


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Thanks Pete,  so I do it by "feel" by backing off a flat or two.  Working on classics is proving a real learning experience!   On my more modern Saabs (now classics too) everything is wrenched up tight!   I don't know how I'd manage without the kind advice you and others are offering on the site. 

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