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Ian Faulds

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im at the stage now where I needed to roll the car over, I decided to make a rotisserie, I got the idea from john bonnet on here a while a go and when I was at work I got a bits of old box section from scrap and stored it away, I came in lucky as my neighbour had an old engine stand that had been sitting out the back of his garage for 10 years, he said I could have it so I retrieved it freed it all off and had to weld a new bottom into it as had rotted out. anyway sorted it so bought another at £38 . this was smaller in size but as I had to make them both taller for clearance it made no difference, I made both engine stands 940mm from floor to centre. I extended the feet out to steady it then set to making the frames. again all was made from scrap metal, some scrap box section and an old gate I found while walking the dogs,. I worked out (guessed) where the centre of gravity was and I marked it front and rear of the car. the front frame I picked up on the bulkhead to chassis mounts and built the frame accordingly, the rear I picked up from the tie rod mounts and the bumper bar brackets and tied them both together with a length of box. the mounting frame was then built as the front. all the frames were welded and bolted together but they can come apart for easy storage. a few pics and a video at the end. to mount the car on the rotisserie I used three trolley jacks in a triangle set up, one at the back jacking on the frame with big sections of wood on the jack, and one at each corner at the front, I jacked it up slightly enough to remove the workmates it stood on and slowly lowered the jacks 1 inch at a time until the engine mounts slid on to the frames. was easy. so for another low cost outlay a simple and effective way to roll the car it goes right round 360 degrees and the new engine mount has a pin which fits into pre drilled holes and you can position the car at different angles.

935 crs 2.jpg

935 crs 3.jpg

ready to roll 1.jpg

ready to roll 2.jpg

ready to roll 3.jpg

ready to roll 4.jpg

getting ready 1.jpg

getting ready 2.jpg

getting ready jacks.jpg

getting ready jacks 2.jpg

its over.jpg

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