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  1. Doesn't look right to me, it's not in far enough, don't force it, you'll need to take it out and check the threads.
  2. Yeah, all the green Planet brigade want us in ev cars and useless central heating systems. No one answers how people in flats or terraced houses charge their cars. What about caravans? If they can't be towed how many jobs lost? Or do we see caravans/trailers with stowage space for extra battery packs. These questions are all shyed away from. I read the other day they want to introduce another tax, money to be given to public transport, if your a 2 car family you pay more tax. In the UK public transport will not work, you just need look at the trains at present.
  3. I'm same as you this year, did loads last year on the gt6 but never touched it this year, housework,ferrying kids and god knows what else. Hey ho, into year 12 ha
  4. I agree with you ian, I too am a metal stamping guy and the design of the old American tooling would be interesting. I'm retired now but do miss die work
  5. The guys are all correct, that will come out OK, get on to dent master, they are really good
  6. You'll need to clean up those ragged edges before trying to tap it further in.
  7. Can you not just chisel down to the engine block from the hole and collapse it
  8. For me the eu politicians totally f***** up ordering the various vaccines, now as politicians do their making up all this crap to cover their own backs. Their all a joke
  9. Ian Faulds

    Dirty books

    I agree Colin, Happy days 40 years ago, £20 in my pocket and go around all the yards. Happiest weekend for me once I was rebuilding a p6 rover, got 4 doors, interior seats , back bumper and alternator all for £50.
  10. Heres ours unfortunately old shandy top right past away a month ago, she was 16 1/2. All very different characters, Mr archie 12 absolute gentleman, little coco the black one very cute and clever, the other is angus the bastard, say no more. 🤣
  11. Heres a pic of mine when I removed the spring, goes in the hole. Best pic I have on the phone
  12. my mazda mx5 mk1 california , yellow, and mazda state the primer has to be white or the yellow colour will not be correct. Again on my wife's modern juke (yellow) the manufacturers put so little paint on i swear i could see the primer reflection underneath and we had the car from new. Always thought that car needed another coat. Sold it on now.
  13. Well done wim, cars a credit to your maintenance schedule over the years.
  14. Get my first one on sat, my wife is a nurse too and she's had hers with only a sore arm . Ill have to say nowt, like you no sympathy
  15. Welcome, interested already and you haven't posted a pic yet. Plenty help and advice on here. Looking forward to the pics. The fibreglass bonnet on my gt6 was tight to the bulkhead at the windscreen end, but 3/4 inches gap to doors. So the one I had didn't seem great. I've a steel one now
  16. Hi, the honing removes nothing so standard rings, do check though that your engine hasn't been rebored before you got it. Then you would need to change size for size, but honing only cleans up the bores.crankshaft bearings are a separate thing entirely.
  17. Ian Faulds


    I tried snooker, but when the set came all the balls were coloured not grey and white like on TV. So I couldnt understand the instructions 🙃
  18. fantastic work wim, like nick says harder with pressure of it being a daily driver, so the fox drives in to 2021, brilliant, well done man. happy new year.
  19. i looked into this ages ago, cant now remember full details, but you need to fit the early back plate too for the manual adjusters,and some of those parts are unobtainable now.
  20. All the best pete happy birthday.lets hope many many more
  21. Put a ladder up the wall, then from your 4 post lift ,bridge another ladder or plank of wood across to the ladder on the wall. Hold the roof on your head and walk across bridge. Simple 🤔😂
  22. I remember BT frome a few years ago. For a communications company, you can't get in touch with them. Masterstroke. Robots check your line and tell you its OK. But its not !. If it wasn't for a retired bt guy up the street I would've been goosed. Never used but since their crap.
  23. You can see here the slots Colin's on about. But I don't think too useful for wax oil. Better would be to drill holes in the top of the sill under the door bottom to put waxoil then put grommets in
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