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Vitesse 1600/6 Brake & Clutch Master Cylinders

martyn wright

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Well! the Clutch & Brake master Cylinders arrived yesterday from "Triumph Recycler.com"  I fitted both yesterday pm to find that I had no pressure?  So I thought about it last night, and removed the New Push Rods and fitted the old Push Rods,  took the tunnel off over the gearbox to gain easy access to the Master Slave, whilst I did that I went to empty the old Gearbox oil from 23 years ago, to find that there was'nt any in there anyway!!  So I filled it up and checked the Clutch Fork and Rod to see if they were working okay so now I have Brakes and Clutch and they are now working perfectly.  Tomorrow I will fit the Tunnel back on, lay the "Old Stock" sound deadner replace the Engine Valance and try and sort out some of the Electrics ready for the Dash!


Cheers martyn


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