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Wings & Wheels


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I appreciate it's not Triumph related but thought I'd share some of the pictures I took at Saturday's Wings & Wheels at Dunfold. Thoroughly enjoyable day out despite the inevitable rain towards the end of the day and got talking to a chap who spent 30-odd years working for Jaguar in the design and aerodynamics dept and worked on the XJ220 design work. Interesting stuff. He now owns a 911 so that tells you something!





















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It sure is. The pilot gave it the beans a few times on the fly past, just to make a point :)


The typhoon with full on afterburners isn't far off in terms of rattling your internal organs.. pilot gave it some a few times too before climbing, doing a double barrel role and rejoining normal air traffic (and heading off to another show I guess). Red arrows also pretty spectacular! All round a great display.

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