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Hi - returning to TSSC after 30 years

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Hi Y’all

I am returning to the club after leaving in early 1990’s when family responsibilities required sensible cars. Back in the day I’d been lucky enough to own a Spitfire 1500, 2 Vitesse saloons and a convertible.

Fast forward 30 odd years and I am back in Triumph ownership as one of many mid-life crisis, having bought a 1967 Vitesse 2L MK1 saloon as this is the car that I associate with most fun memories (although the Vitesse convertible was my wedding car).

This latest car has been a project that has kept me same during lockdowns, requiring extensive work to make roadworthy and something of a looker. This has led to taking the body off, lots of chassis and body welding, mechanical overhaul, paint, etc, etc. All the usual Triumph stuff.

If anyone knows any history about the car I’d love to hear – I see from an old posting it came close to being scrapped in 2017 but that is all I have so far.

It is nearly there but realistically won’t be attending any meets before spring 2022, when I look forward to meeting up and seeing club cars. I live on the south coast so it looks like there is a bit of a journey to the nearest area. Until then drive safe & see you soon.

Cheers, Tim


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