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SU float flooding solutions

Pete Lewis

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Raised elsewhwhere but thought this may enlighten guys with SU fuel height and flooding problems

as ive often said I am not a SU fan but my newly aquired 2000 mk2 has two of them HS4s on it,

one has repeatedly flooded fuel out to the cleaners, driven me nuts trying all i have to solve the little sod, I have a good collection of tipped  ( strangely in a ford packet) and solid float needles even tried some Grose units but they just didnt work and noises in the trade seem to have gone off them also,
anyway in wild desperation I fitted new viton tipped valves and a pair of new plastic floats, .....solved...

but why....under a magnifyer you could see small indentational wear from the valve tip had worn a step in the plastic float ,, just to prove it was the float I refitted a selection of needle valves and the the problem remained solved,

refit the old float....instant flooding

so solution is when chasing fuel floods and jet overflows dont just change the valve get up close and personal with the float, if its a plastic one
Dont assume its ok, any dimples in the valve abutment will tip/jam the needle and
she leaks for ever


this may seem all pretty basic but a general examination would pass them as fit for work.....not anymore 


for other spec there are later designed floats ( stay up and other bright names ) but seems not for HS4

if you have the metal top then this shouldnt be a problem 



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