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  1. Thanks guys, Appreciate that advice. I'll keep you posted how I get on.
  2. Thanks Clive, I'll check out what my local garage has. He usually has a few scrap motors lying around. Since the Herald is negative earth I presume it's just a straight swop?
  3. Lads, I have a 13/60 with a dynamo. A new alternator is a bit beyond my budget at the mo. Is there an alternator from a relatively modern motor that I could use and if so what models or should I look for a certain rating and type? Any help would be appreciated. I use the car all through the year but the journeys are short so the Dynamo can't really keep up when I use lights and heater fan. Larry
  4. Thanks lads, Look's like I need to spend some time spannering on the flat of my back! From what I read I think the probable culprit may be the half shaft area as the propshaft is not under tension and so any looseness would be easier to detect, Anyway, best to start there. Now, motivation is the next issue! Larry.
  5. Hello Guys, Quite a while since I was on here but the old 13/60 is soldiering on even though it's a bit of a rusty relic, but it gets me to work twice a week without fail. I see there's a lot of queries about various noises from the back axle area, none of them quite resemble mine exactly. There is a regular clunk, clunk from there only on overrun. All is sweetness and light otherwise. I have checked the UJs and they seem fine, I would presume if there was a prob there they would be noisy all the time. Anyway, would anyone have any idea where I should look? Larry.
  6. I use a thing called ShrinkPic which is free to download and compresses the photo's. Don't know whether this would make any difference here as I'm a bit of a dunce with computers. I consider it quite an achievement to post a reply!
  7. A complete head the ball! Take away a zero and he might get a deal.
  8. Great to see the forum up and running again. Well done to all concerned! Must get to work on the old Herald..........
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