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  1. Calvin, Welcome back - you've got a lot of posting to do to get the Red shooting star 10th dan triumphero grade that Pete has !
  2. http://www.vintagemotorsport.com/2021/04/remembering-kas-kastner-1928-2021/
  3. Normal colours will be restored after the funeral
  4. A very sad day. Rest In Peace Sir. Forum colours changed to black as a mark of respect
  5. Aidan, YOU were not prompted for you membership number when you logged in as YOU have already entered it in the past when YOU were first prompted for it. One only gets prompted once, and once entered one doesn't get prompted again. As explained at the start of the thread, we are trying to link the Forum with the main Club membership database so that we can create a TSSC members only area of the Forum (the Forum is open to anyone that joins the Forum - you don't have to be a member of the TSSC to be a member of the Forum). This project will take quite a while to get off the gro
  6. The link looks legitimate - it links to a survey on an South African Academic website. The only thing I would be cautious about would be it wants your email address to send you details after you complete the survey - I would recommend using a disposable address such as from the likes of Mailcatch.com
  7. Nick, They were £75 more than 10 years ago (I bought several sets). The current Demon Tweeks price is £167 each, which starts to make the CV conversion attractive price wise.
  8. Trelleborg bought out Metalastic many years ago and still manufacture batches of genuine Rotoflex couplings. They are available from Bailey Morris as well as Demon Tweaks - and boy oh boy are they expensive now. The current priced from Demon Tweaks is £167 each. I've no idea how much they are from Bailey Morris, but about 10 years ago they were "only" about £75 each.
  9. Renamed, lets hope it doesn't need changing a second time.
  10. Where abouts in Cambridge is that ? Does one have to pre book ? I'm getting twice weekly Lateral Flow tests done at the Hub in Cambourne, but it would be nice to know whether the vaccination has started to generate antibodies.
  11. The lateral flow test kits are an Antigen test and will show (with a reasonable degree of accuracy -as long as you have swabbed correctly) whether you have an active case of Covid-19. They are not designed to show that you have antibodies (i.e. you have recovered from Covid, or been vaccinated) - there is a different finger prick test for antibodies. Even when one is fully vaccinated, it is apparently (theoretically) possible to catch Covid-19. If one does, then because one is vaccinated, one is likely to be asymptomatic, and thus (theoretically) still at risk of transmitting Covid
  12. Our success has nothing to do with Brexit ! Each EU county was free to negotiate their own vaccine deal, and in the early days many of them did. The EU also started a collective negotiation on behalf of the smaller countries in the basis that their bulk buying capability would result in a better deal than each country going it alone. The UK were offered access to the EU bulk purchase and we decided to do our own negotiations. After a lot of pressure from the EU, the likes of France and Germany abandoned their individual negotiations and joins the EU central scheme. One of the conditio
  13. Correct, and the latest figures also show that more people are suffering clots after the Pfizer jab than the Oxford one, and in both cases the number of clots is less than would have been expected if they hadn't had either jab. Just waiting now for my 2nd armful of Pfizer, several weeks to wait
  14. I'm surprised anyone managed to work out what he was saying - when ever I hear him "speak", all I hear is totally incomprehensible "Blah Blah Blah".
  15. KevinR


    Fix It Again Tomorrow Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious
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