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  1. Had AZ booster and flu same session last month. O.K maybe lucky( or perhaps “ Where there is no sense, there’s no feeling”) , or maybe as I was so keen to receive vaccination and was therefore somehow “psychologically primed”, I only experienced the barely noticeable discomfort that one could reasonably expect after two minuscule puncture wounds.Otherwise.. nothing. Absolutely nothing. - And that’s a ****** sight better than the alternative, that's for sure.
  2. I have also encountered a Dr Gore, and a Dr Blood and even a Dr D’eath near Elgin! A student I knew changed his surname before qualifying.He didn't like the idea of being “Dr B. Bugg”. In one A&E Dept.,(provoking predictable mirth) there was a Dr Rakshit and a Dr Kharzi. - But I suppose, as old William S. would say, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”
  3. In the early eighties, I worked in the Scottish Highlands and I came across doctor in Aviemore - Dr Duck. He was very old, so it possible that when he was christened, a young Walt Disney and his cartoon characters were yet to become famous, otherwise Mr and Mrs Duck might have chosen a name for their son other than ….. Donald.
  4. I’m sure you’re right about it needing to be dry, but with respect, please do be a bit wary here. Here are the remains of a fuel tank after cleaning out, rinsing lots and then being dried with a hot air gun ( last year by a veteran car owner) (The tank is supposed to be rectangular in shape , filler at top) It exploded, ripping the tank apart with the debris flying the length of his garden.He survived but needed hospital treatment for abrasions and burns. To make it worse, with the interior of the tank now more, shall we say, “ easily visible” It didn’t seem that bad…
  5. I think have been very lucky,Mathew. The chassis bolts all lined up and threaded OK - there was just one that needed a minute or so of “wiggling” to start the thread. The removal of the door braces doesn’t appear to have presented any problems. Re-fitting of bits is much more fun than dismantling (although reattaching the steering column and its u j took more time and expletives than I expected)
  6. Thank you! I realise now I had been been putting off “the moment” of reuniting body and chassis for a quite a long while because there was this nagging question that I could not answer: ” What the ….. …. do I do if nothing lines up, doors don’t fit, etc …?”
  7. Roast Wallaby? Businees opportunity “For Wassail, think Wallaby this Christmas” ?
  8. About thirty years ago, a colleague of mine driving to work in the early morning darkness, hit an animal. There was a surprising amount of of damage to the front of the car and the animal was killed outright, but it was the fact that the animal was not a species native to the Isle of Man that shook her. It was a Wallaby. She had an interesting time with the insurance company when she presented her claim. When my colleague had her “Wallaby encounter” it followed a”break-out “of two Wallabies from a Wild Life Park in the north of the Island a few years earlier.There hadn’t, at that point, been many sitings of them. However, the escapees had already proved fertile. The Wallabies begat more Wallabies, who in their turn.. etc. So they are no longer regarded as a surprising sight as there are thought to 120 plus roaming the countryside and they have even been seen pottering around suburban housing estates.
  9. I have used Rimmers for many years for Triumph and also Land-Rover bits. Their ( paper) catalogues with large line drawings are brilliant. Over more than two decades I have only ever had two minor problems with them: - A stainless exhaust system for a Discovery that was just quite impossible to fit, and a Spitfire rear spring which was nothing like the one it was supposed to replace. In fairness, in both these instances, rejecting the items was very straightforward.There were no quibbles regarding returning the goods and there was an immediate full refund.The process was very amicable. Paddocks and Canleys tend to be slightly cheaper and their websites I find easier to negotiate than Rimmers’ Their despatch times are both fast. Over a good few years, I have called in to Paddocks’ now and again, (when visiting relatives in Chester) These encounters have all been pleasant and the staff have been very helpful. Paddocks also seem to have a very rapid despatch and delivery system. I have found that my main reason to, “Shop-around” the well-known suppliers is often more to do with availability, ie who has the item in stock. The “main” suppliers will not disappoint you.
  10. Thanks.Being very delicate, I will heed the warning.
  11. It’s been quite a few years - delayed by all manner of things- recently global things, which we all know about only too well , and everyday things that ..well, they just happen. -Anyway …..today, The Big Event ! .. it finally came: -To try and fit the Spitfire body shell back onto the chassis where I had fitted 2 new front outriggers, de-rusted , painted etc., etc., - so long ago I my memory of the disassembly is - quite vague. A Lift off ! The “Heath Robinson” ( or maybe “Fred Flintstone”) wheeled support “ thingy “ was un-bolted and pulled free. An engine crane gives an element of fine control in a narrow garage. Won’t need the “Flintstone”any more: - With only the traditional oaths, and much sweating, fettling and heaving.. …It fitted. Such a relief!
  12. During the “Battle of the Atlantic” really massive aircraft carriers made of ice were proposed by Geoffrey Pyke ( cousin of Prof Magnus Pyke, “ TV boffin”) Using ice made with straw and wood pulp - “ Pykrete” which could be kept refrigerated. l
  13. Surprised to see so many really smart 2000s together. They were all gathering at Heysham to board the afternoon sailing on “Ben my Chree” to the Isle of Man. (“Scenic Tours” I think 7-11 Sept )
  14. I also found that engine oil ( cheapest but new oil not old engine oil ) does seem a better solvent / dispersal agent.White spirit “ dries “ the waxoyl, paraffin less so. I find “ Kent cavity wax” seems very Dinitrol-like and seems to be used in the car body repair trade. It smells similar. It comes in Shutz cans for spraying and also available in aerosols which come with a plastic extension lance - long enough for doors etc.
  15. ( from cartoon by Andre Francois)
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