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  1. Problem sorted....finally got the butterfly to sit correctly, idles nice now....👍
  2. Pretty sure, doesn't take much of a gap around the throttle disc to bring up the revs. I did spray easy start around the mating faces with no change in revs. Cheers
  3. Hi Dave, Have done many of these over the years, this is how I fit them and I retried again yesterday, but it just wouldn't sit right. I ran out of time last night, so will have another bash on Sunday when I have a day off. Cheers
  4. Backed off the idle and fast idle screws to ensure no interference....will get it on the bench on Sunday to see what's happening.... Cheers
  5. Haha....yeah, it's definitely in the right way. I think if you try them the wrong way, the disc is a long way off closing. Darren
  6. Hi All, Started my Spitfire MK4 for the first time, full engine rebuild etc..... Started fine but can't get the idle down, the front carb is pulling in too much air even though idle screw fully wound out. Started to investigate and it was pretty obvious what the issue was (see pic). In the fully closed closed position the throttle disc isn't a great fit, so swapped with the throttle disc with the other carb exactly the same...so regardless of which throttle disc I use the problem stays with the front carb. The carbs were fully rebuilt by me last year, so the discs, spindles etc. were all replaced with new items from Burlen. I rebuilt a fair few HS2's in the past, but never had a disc not fit well....any tips of tricks? Replacement Carb Body?...there is one on eBay at the moment. Cheers Darren
  7. The Stud Plate (Part no. 618505) isn't available from any supplier. Anyone come up with an alternative method to fix the dash or found something similar that works? D.
  8. Yep, touching. I could lower the tank a few mm if I really tried, but not enough. OK, will trim off the filler neck, just thought they might be supplied to the correct application.....
  9. I fitted my new fuel tank today in to my MKIV Spitfire, is it a known thing that the filler necks are too long? Pic 1 shows the lowest the filler cap will sit when touching the top of the tanks filler neck, pic 2 shows the height....I could just shorten the tanks neck, but thought I'd ask the question in case I'm missing something obvious. Unfortunately I don't have the old tank to compare.
  10. I'm close to putting the body back on the chassis on my MK4 Spitfire and wondered if at the mounting points circled in red, should there be anything between body & chassis? Thanks Darren
  11. I have, as mentioned in my original post. Cheers
  12. Was changed from original type to solid state one.
  13. Will try the red one out of my Spitty tomorrow....
  14. The temp goes up normally and peaks at the high reading, no rapid changes.
  15. You get heat in the car and the hoses to and from the heater valve are hot. The filler is quite a bit lower than the highest point of the top hose and thermostat housing, so that was more of a concern. There are no leaks and the rad maintains it's level fine. The car was running a bit too rich when it came in so we have weakened off a bit, but that's had no impact on the temp reading.
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