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  1. Got mine on ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/203584847407?hash=item2f669a3e2f:g:XPgAAOSw-CpX-11u
  2. This one received by email today has a distinct smell of fish about it: Self-Employment Income Support Scheme. Claims for the Fifth SEISS grant have now opened for Application . The fifth grant is intended to cover the period from May 2021 to September 2021. We've determined that you are eligible to receive a tax claim grant . Please submit your application for the fifth SEISS grant now. Please "Sign in to HMRC online services" reference below and follow step 1 of 3 to have your tax refund credit to your bank account, also note you need your Passport and Driving Licence details to submit this application . Sign in to HMRC online services self assessment. Note : For your security, we will record (IP Address, Time and Date) Deliberate Wrong input or flooding will be criminally pursued. Best regards, HMRC Self Assessment This is an automatic email - please don’t reply.
  3. Thanks for the video Pete. What is he in real life - a butcher ? At least my mechanic has the proper tool for unscrewing and screwing up the steering rack end caps. I guess if all else fails we can resort to just tightening the caps a tad like our American friend and hoping that will do for the time being.
  4. MOT Advisory about the excessive movement at the joint where the steering tie bars join the ends of the rack. Individual replacement parts, e.g. tie bar, spring, pad, etc are no longer available so new or recon rack assy required but none of the many MG dealers have any stock or even a promise of delivery at the moment. I am intending to replace nearly all suspension and steering components anyway as they are all very tired at 98K miles. We may have found a possible refurbisher through a contact of a contact but uncertain if non-availability of parts will scupper a rebuild so looking for a possible alternative refurbisher. Nick
  5. Looking for a company that rebuilds "classic" steering rack and pinion assemblies in the Herts/Beds/Cambs area (for my other car).
  6. The carbs certainly did not let down your very smart engine bay seen at The Picnic today !
  7. Great to have been able to put faces to names I have swapped comments with on the forum. Can only endorse the thanks already offered to Pete and all his helpers in making the event a stunning success !
  8. Still got my Carb Exchange refurbed CDSE's to fit in place of the existing ones which run rich despite adjustment.
  9. Had the company of a fellow Triumph at the Buntingford Classic today. Managed to park next to a very smart 13/60 Herald convertible.
  10. The (expensive) saga continues. Got the new V5 for my 41 year old recent acquisition today so completed the V112 form in best black capital letters and took both to the Post Office to change the car tax class to HISTORIC. PO counter clerk went through all the motions, tore my new V5 in half and finally told me : COMPUTER SAYS NO. Luckily I had taken a current MOT Cert along too, so had to tax the car as PLG and cough up £280. To add insult to injury his card machine kept rejecting my Visa Card but finally accepted it on the third try. So what do I do now to claim Historic Tax Status?
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