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  1. Ha! Cliffs post count is up to 56 already. I'm following this as I have not found my diff number yet and my phone was going buzz, buzz buzz, buzz.....as they all came in! Handy to know where it is for us 'newbies'
  2. Not wrong Chris, it is just such a strange set up, that it is near unbelievable! Who needs 300w to flash? As I said..... weird!
  3. No See other post... seperate feed :)
  4. No, the main beam ( and dip) are fed from the dash switch. It is a seperate feed to the 'rocking' flasher pull switch. My Haynes book confirms this. The power goes to the same blue white feed to the main beam though.
  5. There is ONE fuse on the 13/60. I thought it fed the lighting column switch, but no, it only feeds the flick switch for flashing main beam. It comes via the battery and solenoid. On a brown wire. How strange, it's a 25 amp fuse too (300 watts!) Separate feed from control box in brown and white to dash switch then side lights and column switch! Weird
  6. If your after a 13/60..... mine could be available.....its all sorted now apart from a tiny bit of paintwork which you only see, if looking, from close up, also I need to find another similar car which needs some TLC ?? (2lt vit)
  7. I haven't built up enough kudos,yet, to gain access to that site ok, I'll check the wiring but it look like an internal contact in the switch that makes the main beam circuit live. I'll disconnect the battery this time if I remove the switch I've always been a risk taker.
  8. Cannot flash ! I've been messing about with the column switch, as detailed in other post but have now found I cannot flash. Main and dip work but I did notice that on removing the switch that something shorted ( heard the dreaded crack crack) but did not blow the one and only 35amp fuse so I thought all was well. Now I find the 'pull back' action has no effect. Could I have damaged the internal switch mechanism? if so, is it repairable? it goes on... and on... and on but I love it
  9. Nice one. I did the same with Plum last week.
  10. Found the main/dip problem..... Nothing to do with the column switch! Coincidentally, as it happens, the common earth wire connection behind the grill had popped out of the 'chocolate box' connector, which was fitted by a PO! ..... Weird that! So... all sorted and the sun is out but no excuse available today for a run out So.... nothing to do but mourn the Duke and polish Plum.
  11. Thanks Pete, I'll check all the contacts. Yes it's the 3 prongs get two in then ease back and thin 'driver to lever the 3rd but if you go back too far... ping... start again. I suppose 40 minutes is not too bad. Big breaths, cup of T and start again! Such a nice feeling when it slips home!... and works
  12. You just can't win! Thought I'd have a look and see if I could improve the % of times the indicator returns. Took the covers off and found the lower screw on the stalk was a bit loose. Took both screws out and 'jiggled' it about, seemed fine. Thought I may as well take the steering wheel off to see if that gave better access. Popped horn cover off no problem, to find the nut was not tight! Cleaned it up and replaced.... 40 minutes later... got the horn cover back on! Up down in out, thin 'driver and lots of patience...grrrr. Indicators seem good, about 70 degrees turn t
  13. When I had my first jab, arranged via a text, with a link, from my GP about 7 weeks ago. 2 days later I had the Oxford and also a date 11 weeks later for the second. Both at the local sports centre in North Shields. I got no card or proof of injection. A couple of days later I went onto my GPs website and checked my records..... there it was...date time details of batch etc. I am going to ask for a card or some proof when I get my second in a few weeks.
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