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    At the moment :- 1971 13/60 CV.
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    Triumph herald 13/60 convertible. Honda CR-Z sport Hyundai Amica Atlantic ...previously about 33, Started with a triang tricycle in 1955, Raleigh 3 speed, Claud Butler 5 speed, 1966 a BSA D7, Triumph tiger cub,then a T21. Then cars :- in 1967 got a 1956 Austin a35, then an Anglia 105e, 3 of them in a row. MG1100, mini cooper 997, 1964 spitfire4, '65 Vitesse 1600 convertible, another 105e rally spec 1500cc, '66 spitfire4. Got married on 1975 ... Mini clubman estate, Vauxhall chevette. 4x Austin maxi in a row(+a caravan), Renault 11 TXE, rover 214. Rover 216. Mazda MX3 V6 1800cc Fiat Punto, another MX3, a Toyota 202. Toyota 205 UK wrc and a celica 185 Carlos sainz and a a Kia pride x2. Now, the 3 listed above

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  1. Cheers, if I get a few more 'likes' I might win the day for the 4th time in ages ????
  2. I too am t2d, all caused by tooooo many choccy bics and 3 sugars in T. Now I half a sugar & 2 choc bics a week. Down from 70 to 40 in 2 years (old money) Only self test every week or two and 6monthly docs who says ... alright now... just
  3. Right Dan, she has a really sensitive nose too. It was bourbon I meant btw, thanks Doug Zeberdee calling
  4. Hmmmmm, dark chocolate or milk? My plugs are more bon bon coloured. I'll have a play tomorrow but will need petrol and the price seems to have increased by more than inflation. At least we are nearly free of restrictions. Maybe too early. Thank you for returning to the thread. I'm jumping between Olympics, flog it and tipping point
  5. Yildis !!! Wow. Isn't Google search good ??? ! Why is everything so complicated
  6. Naked choccy on a horse? I guess the long hair gets stuck in your teeth
  7. I thought British biscuits ran Mcvities?
  8. Jaffa cakes too? Are they a biscuit or a cake? VAT?
  9. Clockwise is advance ? Right? Too tired to look it up
  10. Right, I'll get my 2p out (it lives under the brake master cylinder) and give it 3/8 up. Get back later with vac reading Wish I still had the 25 on the 45 has no twiddle !
  11. I was just reversing off the drive to go for a run in the sun when my wife, returning from shopping, walked round the corner a hundred yards away. Naturally I stopped to speak with her All she could say was "you can smell that car a mile away" I interrogated her as to what she could smell..... all I got was ' exhaust fumes'. Not petrol, not oil not 'hot' just 'exhaust'..... Is this an inherent thing with small triumphs or should I check my mixture again? (Plugs are chocolate brown, vacuum is 18, revs at 750, compression is 136+/- 2, oil is clean and I'm not loosing any) Wimin!!!??? Sometimes a pain, sometimes useful
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