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  1. Hi all Any ideas? I can’t seem to get the tick over down low enough on the twin HS4’s. I’ve set everything up really nicely - timing correct, mixture spot on but tickover is a minimum of 1200 rpm. Throttle screws are right out and there’s no play in the spindle etc. Everything’s been cleaned and oiled, dampers topped up... Car is running really well but bit of a nuisance when idling. thanks pete
  2. Hey Pete Good detective work there. I spent hours trying to find a picture but as you say - nothing. All back together now and the Spit is running beautifully Pete G
  3. Hi I'm pretty sure of the answer but can someone with a bigger brain than mine confirm the correct position of the connector on the end of the choke linkage - the bit with the spring clip that fits on the jet. Pics: I assume it's pic 2 where the link is UNDER the jet flange
  4. As always great advice - thanks all. One other quick point - any thoughts on skimming the head while it’s off the car? I’ve heard the 1500 can be a bit bottom end weak so maybe this isn’t worth doing? Pete
  5. Hi Any advice on a head gasket set? I notice Rimmers have two choices - is the Payen worth the extra? Thanks Pete
  6. Hi Roger I used Photoshop to tweak the diagram - I’m a photographer by trade so have it installed on my Mac. The full version is a bit pricey but I think there’s other versions like Photoshop Elements or other image editors that would do the job. just a lot of copying and pasting bits of similar coloured wires!!! p
  7. Hey thanks Pete I have no history with the car but it has a sports exhaust and other ‘tweaks’ so I’m thinking it may have had a 3 ohm coil fitted but still has ballast wire so not quite right in all. it runs out of power uphills and struggles to get to 70 even on a level road so I’m hoping a new coil would help
  8. Tested the coil with a multimeter and got 1.9 ohms. should I replace it...?.
  9. Hi Electrics not my strong point but can anyone tell me how I can identify what type of coil I have fitted to a 1979 Spitfire 1500? I suspect the previous owner may have changed it and I'm not sure if it's the correct one for a ballasted system. I understand a non ballast coil is a 12V..? and a standard, original ballasted one would be around 6 to 7V..? No markings on the coil so how do I find out? Thanks
  10. I downloaded the original one from the net somewhere and then tweaked it afterwards in Photoshop. I have a laminator so if anyone wants a copy let me know!! pete
  11. I corrected the fuse positions too - some reason they had them muddled up. All good fun...
  12. Hi all Just thought this may help someone. It's a wiring diagram for a GT6 mk3 into which I have added the circuit for the optional overdrive - this wasn't on the original diagram. As I now have a bit of time on my hands (ha ha) I Photoshopped in the relevant bits. I am 99% sure this is correct but I accept no responsibilty for any mistakes... Keep well. Pete
  13. "Sorry officer, but Pete told me to stamp on them really hard - you might be able to pull that dent out..."
  14. Wow...! What did I start with my humble request about a servo...! Once again you lot have come up with a load of interesting stuff - this forum is invaluable. When I got the Spitfire a couple of years ago the brakes were terrifying - it had passed an MOT - how I don't know as I very soon stripped the brakes down and found they had replaced the calipers but NOT the pads or discs which were badly worn and uneven. Rear shoes were almost down to the metal. I fitted Mintex 1144s, replaced the discs, shoes and rear brake cylinders. It is now pretty good but I would simply like not to have to push quite so hard when stopping, so as it seems to be a very individual thing I'll go ahead and fit the servo - ON ALL FOUR!! Many thanks to you all...!!!!! Pete
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