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  1. Paranoia I think is the main problem… I’ve just fitted a new thermostat, topped up and gone for a run - several miles so up to temp. All seems good. I’m not yet 100% sure because as I said last time there was a good stream of bubbles in the overflow bottle and it took about 3 or 4 pints. But this time fine. I love my car. 😳🔫
  2. Still having overheating problems here. I drove it for several miles with no thermostat to see if that was causing the trouble but the water was literally boiling in the overflow bottle when I got in. Head gasket is ok, no thermostat in, no leaks, electric fan working properly….. could a dodgy radiator cap cause this?
  3. Hi all Checked the compressions on the GT6 just now. 1,2,3 and 5 all showed 133 psi 4 was 125 5 was 128 Should this be a concern? Engine is running fine - could these lower numbers be due to tapped clearance or should I just forget it. thanks as always - all your advice is invaluable pete
  4. Just out of interest what happens if you drive with no thermostat in the system? Would this cause damage or just poor running or what? 😬 (GT6 owner!)
  5. Just out of interest what opinions do you guys have on an electric power steering conversion for a GT6……? Apparently £900 all fitted… Is this a dreadful idea or would it make the car a bit more “everyday” user friendly? p
  6. Thanks for all replies! The steering wasn’t as stiff before the rebuild so it’s got to be something I’ve done… steering is heavy both parking and driving So, tyre pressures are good (28 all round on 155’s) tracking has been checked and adjusted steering wheel is 13”…!! I replaced the trunnions and have since rechecked them - not done up too tight I’ll check the damper, Pete but beginning to think it could be the bushes in the column? I replaced them and they are a really tight fit?
  7. Hi all. I have actually finished the GT6 rebuild (4 years…) and it’s running nicely - after a bit of de-bugging etc..but…the steering is really quite stiff and I’m not on top of this yet,so,any ideas? I replaced all the suspension bushes, trunnions and ball joints and new bushes in the steering column. tyre pressures are ok. where do I look first?
  8. Sorry - really daft question but I can't see the answer... I am refitting the door trim panels on the GT6- but where does the window winder spring go (the coil spring) - does it fit behind the trim panel or is it between the winder handle and the trim - outside the trim panel??
  9. Thanks Pete. sorry - I could probably have found this - I know it drives you mad when we don’t look hard enough...😳
  10. Hi all GT6 mark 3 At the end of the steering shaft just inside the car by the pedal box is a clamp with a kind of damper screw inset. How does this work and how do you adjust it? Does it affect the heaviness of the steering? Thanks Pete
  11. Hi all Has anyone experience of these or knows which are best? I need to replace the four original wheel trims which are metal but severely pitted and I'm sure are beyond hope. Rimmers are offering two kinds - both almost the same price. One set is decribed as "silver", the other as "plastic chrome effect". Which is best? Pete
  12. Hi all Any ideas? I can’t seem to get the tick over down low enough on the twin HS4’s. I’ve set everything up really nicely - timing correct, mixture spot on but tickover is a minimum of 1200 rpm. Throttle screws are right out and there’s no play in the spindle etc. Everything’s been cleaned and oiled, dampers topped up... Car is running really well but bit of a nuisance when idling. thanks pete
  13. Hey Pete Good detective work there. I spent hours trying to find a picture but as you say - nothing. All back together now and the Spit is running beautifully Pete G
  14. Hi I'm pretty sure of the answer but can someone with a bigger brain than mine confirm the correct position of the connector on the end of the choke linkage - the bit with the spring clip that fits on the jet. Pics: I assume it's pic 2 where the link is UNDER the jet flange
  15. As always great advice - thanks all. One other quick point - any thoughts on skimming the head while it’s off the car? I’ve heard the 1500 can be a bit bottom end weak so maybe this isn’t worth doing? Pete
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