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  1. About 15 years ago I travelled in my Midge with a trailer from Eastbourne to Plymouth to collect a 948 bonnet and 948 twin carb dashboard. Stayed in Charmouth with relatives overnight on the way back.
  2. mark powell


    Some friends in North Wales, who live a couple of miles in to a narrow road, tell of a local community bus driver, who, when confronted by a driver who would not budge, locked up and went and had a cup of tea at a nearby farm. Blocking car had gone when he returned.
  3. mark powell


    Back in 1975, small child and two adults plus accoutrements... Mini Van. with roof rack.. and rear seat conversion..
  4. mark powell


    All of the above and riding bikes with rod brakes removed down steep hills. How did we survive?
  5. Amazing man, not afraid to speak his mind. He will be missed.
  6. Just the 'standard' Herald underpinnings.. with a bit of artistic licence...
  7. Based on this from Custom Car in 1973.... I would love to do the Transporter!
  8. Just off to have my second Pfizer jab....
  9. The epoxy paint is not UV resistant, I will lacquer it in the summer. It looks totally different when wet...
  10. I covered the build of my shorty Herald Pick-up on the C**b T*****h forum back in 2018 and it saw a reasonable amount of use until the end of 2019. 2020, however, like everything else, put the brakes on and has seen The Heep parked on the drive awaiting better times. A week off from work gave me the incentive to wake it up and get it in for MOT. So, fluid levels checked, trunnions oiled, tyre pressures checked, lights, horn, wipers etc checked... contact, ignition! A leisurely drive to my usual MOT man has seen a new MOT with an advisory to replace the 18 year old tyres.... Ot
  11. That first ad wasn't April 1st by any chance? If not, I've recently chucked out about 1k's worth.....
  12. mark powell


    I bought an Olympus OM-D E-M10 111 last year with an extra 40 - 150mm lens. Early days yet, still haven't used it much......
  13. My Herald conversion to shorty pick up required inspection. A basic look round, commission plate, seat belts, etc. Now registered as a Triumph pick-up, Historic vehicle, but MOT needed. My JC Midge, however, despite many emails to and from DVLA to get it registered as such, is still a 1965 Herald saloon, historic and MOT exempt. I gave up, so just keep copies of all correspondence....
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