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    Three Vitesse MK1 2L Convertible's but only one roadworthy.


  • Cars Owned
    Three Vitesse MK1 2L Convertible's but only one roadworthy.

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  1. Made this earlier this year from scraps to hold a component from the Vitesse while refurbishing it. Regards Paul.
  2. Have this handbook if any owner interested. Regards Paul.
  3. Isn't that base jumping? but you are allowed a parachute. Regards Paul
  4. View from top Ranworth church tower. Regards Paul.
  5. Just a slightly different view of my Vitesse when out this morning. Regards Paul.
  6. 68vitesse

    Exhaust hanging

    This is a solid fixing to the bellhousing, leastwise on my Vitesse, a metal strap from bellhousing to an exhaust clamp to hold the downpipe rigid at this point. Regards Paul.
  7. Found the best way to start my Vitesse after a few days is to turn it over on full choke for a few revolutions, walk away for a few minutes then usually starts up and push choke in then a bit out. No need for an electric fuel pump. Regards Paul
  8. Been a number of posts. Regerds. Paul
  9. The early 2L engine used a pump with a different arm as I have found out to my cost. Regards Paul.
  10. I have used Halfords refills cut to size on my Vitesse, the blades in the relatively expensive stainless ones I bought where useless hence the Halfords refills. Regards Paul
  11. Back in the day had a 1500TC, thick squashy seats and comfortable like an armchair, traded it in for a RWD Mk1 Cavalier, seats thinner and firmer but just as comfortable. Regards Paul.
  12. Always thought the 13/60 was a nice compromise, bit more get up and go than the 1200 and not the thirst of a Vitesse. Regards Paul.
  13. I am over six foot and over seventy with a Mk1 2L Vitesse convertible and have no trouble driving it for hours on end, the wrong seats in a convertible will reduce the rear movement of the seat by 2 to 3 inches. https://forum.tssc.org.uk/topic/7239-vitesse-front-seat-2l-mk1-or-2l-mk2-or-saloon-or-convertible/ Regards Paul.
  14. And if there isn't a pump free how long do you have to wait? whereas two people in front of you at a charging point you had better be in a camper for the long wait. Regards Paul
  15. Is the panic over? went shopping this morning all garages past, open without unusual queues and supermarket had everything I wanted. Is the news media telling me porkies?. Regards Paul.
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