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    Three Vitesse MK1 2L Convertible's but only one roadworthy.


  • Cars Owned
    Three Vitesse MK1 2L Convertible's but only one roadworthy.

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  1. Two of my more memorable parts trips where several hundred miles with a Vitesse chassis on roof bars fitted to a Triumph 1500FWD, strap around chassis and through rear door windows. Second a Vitesse bonnet strapped over the rear seats of my Vitesse convertible, fortunately it stayed dry. Regards Paul
  2. Ikea self assembly, you will need the bar part of lounge bar. Regards Paul
  3. This is the lounge bar section, kitchens should have their own. Regards Paul
  4. Puts your bid in very close to auction closing, hopefully before others can out bid you. Something I find useful is to add words in search with a minus sign to limit the search. Regards Paul
  5. I have used gutter bolts and spire clips on my tunnel cover. Regards Paul
  6. Covid makes work for idle hands, cold air pipes not standard on Mk1 Vitesse but fitted to Mk2. Regards Paul.
  7. 68vitesse


    There is fact and truth and Hollywood fact and truth unfortunately people seem to prefer the Hollywood version especially when it shows the English in a bad light. Regards Paul
  8. 68vitesse


    That takes me back, with that brown jelly and loads of salt. Think I am thinking of pork dripping. Heart attack on a plate. Regards Paul
  9. From a John Kipping parts catalogue. Regards Paul.
  10. American one dose vaccine paused because of blood clots. Just booked my second Astrazenica for Thursday, that makes it one day short of ten weeks from first. And I can have a pint afterwards. Regards Paul.
  11. 68vitesse


    At least you are biodegradable. Regards Paul.
  12. Någon hjälp?. Regards Paul.
  13. Did you contact the supplier about the problem?. Luckily I had a sheet of 0.25mm gasket paper so ended up making one. Regards Paul
  14. Phoned the supplier of the diff. gasket today, got the standard answer no one else has complained, so my diff. is a different size to everyone elses. Should have taken a photograph while it was apart. Regards Paul.
  15. Links I removed from my Mk1 2L Vitesse, the one on the left connects to back carburettor and a 8mm drill is a good fit. The one on the right connects to front carburettor and a 7mm drill will go in but not a 7.5, the shape is to allow articulating, in one plane, with the connected shaft. Think I bought 8/6 and 8/8 joints and drilled the 6 out to 7, was some time ago though. Regards Paul
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