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    soon to be a Vitesse owner - had a GT6 MkIII and a Triumph Spitfire MkIV in the past.

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  1. The starter motor is fitted, engine turns over a lot better, it’s a completely different sound (quite noisy) but the car started much easier.
  2. Ok I’ll leave that till tomorrow! Thanks for the confirmation.
  3. The starter arrived a couple of weeks ago, work and family have prevented progress but I have now started to remove the old start, it doesn’t look old but that means nothing as I don’t know where it came from. Is there any short cuts to assist with the removal, I’ve removed the engine valance, and can now access the starter but cannot find a way of removing the top bolt - is it a case of gear box cover out again?
  4. Given the starting issues and this months club shop offer I have just ordered a hi torque starter. I’m hoping this fixes the issue and will report back once fitted.
  5. Is there a simple way to test a starter motor, I can get the battery tested on Tuesday.
  6. Thanks a few things to work on over the next few days, can i fit a non return valve just after the fuel pump to stop the drain back? Ill get the battery tested, its a bosch and about 3 years old (fitted by previous owner). if its a bit suspect Ill source a new battery. Whats the downside to the hi torque starter apart from cost
  7. Its time to start to use the vitesse again, its been stood since lockdown last year, started very ocassionally but battery on trickle charge. Over the last few weeks Ive been tinkering but the car is an absolute pig to start. Once started it runs fine at tickover, but if left for a few hours it doesnt want to start. The starter spins quite slowly (checked its not a bad earth or the like with a jump lead to the earth post on battery) the fuel is getting to the carbs (after a few turns) the plugs are relatively new (from club shop). Once engine initially started the starter spins the engine and it starts fine. Im at a loss where to start - ideas and pointers please. (I have a feeling the valve timing maybe incorrect as it is set to 10 thou and in the box of invoices there is a receipt for a piper cam that states inlet 12 outlet 14 (Piper Cam)) I have been trying to find out what the symptoms of incorrectly set valves woud be.
  8. iana

    Brake Cleaner

    Thanks I’ll order one today
  9. iana

    Brake Cleaner

    Just a word of caution with the sprayer shown above, I sourced one and it worked really well with Holts brake cleaner on its first use, however the sprayer then stopped working and I contacted the supplier, eventually I got a refund but I noticed that they had altered the item description to include only suitable for acetone and solvent free use. Anyway I’m now looking for a new sprayer that is suitable for brake cleaner (holts brand) so any recommendations appreciated.
  10. iana

    Car aerial

    Thanks, I followed John search, that did throw up a couple of different suppliers. Colin that’s what I’m trying to avoid, I don’t want to buy another that doesn’t fit. Most suppliers aren’t interested in measuring the base. I’ll try Holden. the other option I guess is to work out how to replace the cable/plug on the current one.
  11. I need to get a replacement aerial for the vitesse, it’s fitted on the rear panel by the screen and it needs to have a 40mm cowl.ive tried Amazon and the dealer has no information. Any suggestions for a supplier?
  12. Colin I had an issue with my vitesse and blowing fuses / burning out flasher relays, initially it only happened when the car was loaded up, and I suspect it was a trapped or chaffed wire, never found the damage but I cured it be rewiring the near side indicator circuit. Just watched the clip you posted - I’m glad I wired in a modern fuse box at the same time as that looks risky.
  13. Clive a dual filament bulb would be very neat as the reverse is above the number plate so would be an excellent point for a fog light.
  14. I’d be definitely seeking legal advice, a lot of notices are incorrectly issued and are hard to enforce. You also need to check that they have complied with the provision of all necessary certificates, testing and deposit protections etc. Perhaps it’s time for you to make their life a little more uncomfortable.
  15. Are those bulbs a direct plug and play, no additional components etc, is it worth dropping the fuse rating if led bulbs used? I’m just fitting a fog light on the rear so the car can be safely used over winter.
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