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  1. watsona6

    Buying a Car

    Resurrecting this thread more for my benefit than most others so apologies in advance. Just over a month since I bought the car, so a bit of an update and list of planned work (some more desired/needed than others). Overall really pleased with it and love driving it, kids love it too and my old man has enjoyed helping me tidy some bits up. Only down side is as soon as i put my money into an occasional car, my daily driver decided to go wonky (fuel injector and now the DPF)! At least I have a back up! Work done so far; Repaired the door catch. Renewed the hinge bolts and shims and made the door fit more reasonably. Repaired the hood Full service including dropping and replacing all oils. Small patch of welding to the drivers footwell. Waxoiled (controversial I know). Fitted an immobiliser. Re-sealed part of the windscreen. Rebadged the rear number plate assembly. To do Fit an expansion bottle to the radiator. Replace the diff (think I’m going to put up with the noise until it actually fails). Repair passenger side minilight alloy (MOT advisory). Re paint and/or replace the seats and buy some head rests (holes are there). Remove, repair and re varnish the dash. Replace/fix all dash lights and footwell lights. Replace the hood. Once all this is done I’ll consider looking at the paint work - maybe a full strip down and re paint - we will see!
  2. Can HT leads make that much of a difference or am I being romantic?! Changed the Leads this evening for some Retro Leads custom made ones, seems nice and supple and fitted well. Performance of the car seems miles better.... or is it me?! The leafs were the last thing I needed to do ‘standard service items wise’ so maybe I’m getting the most out of the new electrics now. Pleasing.
  3. Thanks guys. I’ll get the seals checked and bleed it. Lesson learnt about clutch use - I’ll lay off it! Again another winding thread drift, interesting non the less!
  4. You can buy me 10 sets of performance leads!
  5. Evening. Having a few issues with my clutch. It’s as if the biting point is getting lower at times. Usually when I’m idling at the lights with the clutch engaged. When I come to move off I get a surprise as to how low the clutch engages. Have recently dropped and added gearbox oil - could this need bleeding? Is it that simple? Thanks.
  6. Blimey. This went off thread! Thanks for the replies though. Think I’ll just get some standard ones. Now then.......need to google LP 😉
  7. Cheers John. Prices range again. Any benefit in paying £50 for some?
  8. Hi All. Bit of variety in prices for HT Leads l...........£10 - £60! What’s worth paying for here? Thanks in advance.
  9. Ha. Was thinking a boring white! I can attach to the light switch then rather than using the cig lighter?
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