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  1. I used draught excluder from Lidl about £3 for 5 metres . Agree the Club Shop one is not worth the monies Paul
  2. Not sure if this link helps https://www.club.triumph.org.uk/menu/6023/item/609652/view Paul
  3. My Vitesse mk2 has 2 switches , reverse on the front left and od inhibitor on the front right . It’s a D type OD
  4. I’ve got a similar one for my Vitesse . Works well , also has blue tooth Paul
  5. Hi Pete . Can you tell the difference between polished cellulose and clear coat over cellulose apart from the hard work with the celly 😋 Paul
  6. I went for Girling NOS and they have a high price tag nowadays Paul
  7. I used a magnet on a telescopic wand . The Vitesse required circlip removal which is out of sight , used a cheap 5 ins diameter mirror to view the clip . Worked well Paul
  8. I think it cost £300 plus . My modern has lots of small chips on the bonnet . Not down to the metal and wondered if a self applied ceramic coating would have prevented / reduced the chips .‘I’ve seen ceramic coating products which cost £30 to £100 just wondered if they were of any use Paul
  9. If the door is similar to my Vitesse door I removed each bolt , photographed in place , put in a plastic bag with a ref no then photographed again with the plastic bag in the photo . You will need to disconnect the winder before the window can be removed . For the Vitesse the 1/4 light needs removal before the window can be removed . Also all the trim / clips . when reassembling the window can be dropped to its lowest point and the 1/4 light refixed for spraying Paul
  10. Do these ceramic products work ? If so which products are recommended. Do they give some protection against stone chips Paul
  11. Paul H


    I wish I had test driven before buying Paul
  12. I purchased new from a similar source though no vernier scale Paul
  13. I think a new Watling is about £160 and if I was doing it again I would be purchasing new instead of second hand . Paul
  14. Slight thread drift Colin , where did you buy the 45d with vernier scale Paul
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