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  1. Back to the thread ! All classics leave petrol vapour smell If I follow a classic you can smell the fumes . I wish the smell could be bottled . Paul
  2. Best price I found was Canleys https://www.canleyclassics.com part no 155660 Paul
  3. For me it’s the 1/2 ins sockets 😋 Paul
  4. I had similar experience with SGS with a 1 tonne Jack , failed after 13 months . Replacement parts including postage was more than the original price . So purchased from Aldi at a cheaper price with 3 year warranty . I’ve tested Aldi warranty and no issues Paul
  5. It’s important to find a garage that understands our classics . I MOT mine at Cracknells in Thurston nr Bury St Edmunds . The mechanic gives me a verbal commentary and advice. Perhaps we need a list . My next door neighbour had a TR4 went to a local garage and they wrote a MOT without inspection 🤕. This was 5 years ago . Paul
  6. I bought my mintex from Demon Tweaks on EBay . I trust Demon Tweaks Paul
  7. Thanks Paul,,, will purchase them 

  8. I use the Club Shop and Canleys . For front pads it’s best to buy Mintex 1144. These are much more expensive than the standard pads but worth every penny and these pads will stop your car Paul
  9. Paul H

    Old advertising

    The Vitesse handbook boasts Air Conditioning , referring to the quarter lights — Trade descriptions 😱 Paul
  10. The V ie larger gap at the top could be excess packing between the chassis and the tub . My Vitesse was an inverted V and improved the gap by adding shims . Paul
  11. Hi Pete , you did mention a van to tow . Have you considered a Portafold. These are 60,s and ideal for a classic . They won’t break the bank either and no depreciation . Id love one for the Vitesse even got the towbar ready but the other half says No. Paul
  12. Keep me in mind , I’m in no hurry at all Paul
  13. What state is the Vitesse bonnet ? As might be interested if you are selling Paul
  14. Gearbox and Overdrive ready for refit The od solenoid lower fixing is a 4ins 2ba screw with tube and nuts . Might be a tad long and will adjust length when fitting . This will ensure the solenoid will never fail 🤔 Won’t be refitting till mid august though as we will be away Paul
  15. In the early 70’s I acquired a pair of large unused enamel circular AA road signs . In and out of Perranaworthal (just outside Truro ) 1 had distances to Lands End and the other to London . The securing holes were still filled with enamel . I was broke so sold them . I always wonder what they would be worth now Paul
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