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  1. Ant refusing to be seen with the car at the end was a bit juvenile in my opinion... It was great seeing the electrical stuff tackled though!
  2. I may be watching too much James Bond...
  3. How odd am I that when i saw the pic I wondered if you could land in the driver's seat after jumping off... 🙂
  4. DVD3500

    So satisfying

    There was a female at my school whose first name was Brandy (maybe spelled Brandee) ... her last name? Sample... So at roll call we all had to Sample errr...
  5. I have looked and looked and looked but I cannot find anyone who has used the paint or the above method and given any long term results for it. Anyone know if they last more than y ear or two?!
  6. A company in Mannheim is developing E20 (i.e. 20% ethanol) fuel that is as safe as possible for classic cars. They tested it extensively at the 1000km of the Nürburgring a few weeks ago. My Wartburg 1.3 had and "unregulated" catalytic converter. Not too sure what that was all about except that it looked like it was just welded on and didn't have a lambda sensor or anything. I didn't notice in performance problems but we are talking about a VW Polo 1.3 motor pulling a car that weighs as much as most corner shops.... Seriously though, I could get it up to 80 mph on flat road and 90 mph downhill. Taking some of the interior out helped as well... I remember reading Brazil was running a lot of cars on 85% ethanol. My layperson understanding though is alcohol doesn't have the same power per liter as dino juice but I maybe a few additives could help...?
  7. Hmm.. all I see is white... now if these were F-117s or B-2s I would have understood... :_ -)
  8. I rented a '69 VW Beetle for an event at work and I wash shocked that people though nothing of sitting in, on and around it and even trying to take the static cling "stickers" off of it!
  9. I should have mentioned it was Autboahn driving... Having cars go by at 200 KPH while you cruise at 70-80 MPH is a bit stressful... of course on a B road you can do much longer...
  10. In fact ignorance is not a valid defense in Germany... it si the flip side of AB SO LUTE LY EVERY THING having to be documented and tested. If you drive, row, roll, move, push, shove, etc. anything there is a ton of documentation that must be read, tested, accepted so you can't claim you "didn't know".... It does get tiresome at times... But hearing about your "lock in" events makes me glad that hasn't happened here yet!
  11. Warning: The following is a massive amount of cheek. Followed by a side order of cheek with cheek for afters. I put it down to a long lunch break I just had with mousse au chocolat and a double espresso.... <H1>Cheek</H1> <p jest> <mild snark>I guess this is the same attitude like I see here in Germany when a new cash register/till opens up and I have seen grannies who were last in the current line/queue literally run over small children with their shopping cart/trolley to be the first ones... I guess as you get older you worry about losing time... doesn't explain why the car won't go over 35 mph... </mild snark> </p jest> Seriously though I am very much in the "getting there is half the fun" camp and always have been. When we drove to Paris we took a route away from the Autoroute to find nice little family-run restaurants and buy local produce. For 3 years I was self-employed and for various reasons I had days where I would travel over 200 miles in a 24 period having at least 7 appointments and using nearly every form of transport except flight... maybe that was enough for me rushing about... <H2>Cheek</H2Cheek> Our next car is a Skoda Enyqa and I just read that through a software update it will increase the charging speed to 175 KW. Given the Tesla supercharger network is to be opened up and ABB has started installing 400 KW charging systems that would mean a 30-40 minute break to fill up the car completely. So a 10 minute chow break with 5 minutes for bio-break, add in the fact that charging points are always at the far end of any parking lot/car park that means you would have about 5-10 minutes to: <H3>Cheek</H3> 1. Corchet 2. Write a text to loved ones 3. Admire your surroundings 4. Call an unawares person and try to social engineer them into divulging their bank account info 5. Rage about how scheit this technology is 6. Make a TikTok video 7. Go back to the shop and annoy people by acting like you can't find your wallet or 8. Learn Esparonto All of this is in an ideal world of course... Kumbaya... 😄 PS: My father-in-law has a valid HGV license in case someone is looking... *ducks* <H4>Cheek out..</H4>. DVD3500 sets himself on 23 hour ban of writing about EVs...
  12. For comparison, this guy would be able to get to Norfolk location and as long as he stayed relatively put for 2-3 hours he would have enough charge to get back. He does admit though that his car is not optimized and likely a good 10% more range is possible through software tweaking and maybe more by swapping out for lighter parts and a better diff ration (currently has 3.89, 3.63 should be fine)... When he originally signed the deal in Nov 2019 he was getting 15 KW but by the time thee batteries arrived the same size and weight got him 22KW. So within a few years the tech might be able to do that... Mind you, his trunk/boot is still completely empty. It would be possible and maybe even feasible to through another 4-6 batteries which would easily get you 100-120 mile range out if it... Hmmm... a cunning plan...
  13. Why I am a bit surprised to read this... in Germany there is sort of "idiot" clause that if you do something really stupid the owner/organizer can't be held responsible. For example when a small girl at a zoo walked passed several barriers and stuck her fingers through the bars to "pet the big kitties" (some form of Asian leopard) and nearly lost a finger the zoo was not held responsible...
  14. Black does look good with yellow.... Has anyone tried chrome vinyl wrap yet? I know it isn't as shiny as real chrome but it might be good enough..?
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