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  1. I had never seen one before and I was taken so by surprise that I did not take photos. It looks exactly like this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bond_Equipe#/media/File:Bond_Equipe_2-Litre_Convertible.JPG but left hand drive. And a LOT tattier... firberglass needed to some work and a lot of TLC but looked good. No idea if it ran... They guy would sell it (Belgium) but the owner has to agree to restore and not part out...
  2. DVD3500


    That is about about 8 miles away.. ๐Ÿ™‚ There is still a pharamcy there and there is a plaque to commemorate it. There is a replica of the car in Mannheim.
  3. Only on motorways (Autobahn). On other roads if you have an accident it is your own fault! ๐Ÿ˜„
  4. I need one of those for the electrical smoke..
  5. DVD3500


    I actually read somewhere that Switzerland or Sweden or some other S country was thinking of doing that... In fact the cars charge while on the train.... The thing is there are more than a handful of cars with 300+ mile ranges and full charging in under an hour so I don't know if this will be a thing for more than a few years... Besides hydrogen has been "just around the corner" for at least two decades so I am sure that will get resolved quickly *snark*
  6. Is this a good time to point out I wasn't even 10 years old in 1979? ๐Ÿ™‚
  7. I must also admit that here in Germany when all the trucks are off the road on Sunday things seem to move more smoothly. I totally understand that bananas don't grow in the supermarket and all that but the number of times they have caused major trouble really bothers me. As you probably know, the rule here is if there is a traffic jam to move the far right or left and make a passage way down the middle in case emergency services need to get through. Almost every week a truck driver gets his license revoked because he refused to move out of the way. Ignorance, stubbornness...
  8. In theory wouldn't a magnetic drain plug also keep the bits from going round the gearbox and causing more damage? Or are they heavy enough that that really isn't an issue?
  9. I will put fiberglass on mine... those things rust just be being looked at!
  10. See my post in the "Essential Reading" thread about electric hand brakes....
  11. I had that problem in a rental place.... Wife was freaking out so I turned the water off (see above) and opened the cistern.... turns out the water here is so hard there was enough lime to basically block the valve open. I put vinegar in a spray bottle and kept spraying it off and on or about an hour then poured some lemon juice all over it for good measure.... worked fine until we moved... Oh and these things ALWAYS happen at 10 PM on a Saturday as Germany still has everything shut on Sunday...
  12. I dunno.. I love keyless. Keeps the car from getting scratched. The wife never misplaces it as it stays in her purse/handbag. You just walk away and it locks...
  13. I actually have made paper. ๐Ÿ™‚ and medicine? When I was a teenager I sent quite a few people to the hospital, does that count? Actually, to go down a slippery slope look at all them, shall we say "opinions" on things like vaccines. People will do all sorts of things to, on, through, with their bodies based largely on what some tw@t said online. I have never seen "My mechanics certificate is better than your google search"... I HAVE seen "my medical degree is means more than your google search". As I said I don't expect people to be experts but I think when you are piloting what is essentially a large blunt weapon you ought to have a modicum of understanding how it works...
  14. I always envisioned myself as a Stegosaurus... (as I kid my first dream job was a paleontologist,.,,)
  15. On our Renault Grand Scรฉnic I could find the battery but it is wedged in so that my jumper cables could really fit. So we try to start it with my holding the connectors to the battery. Nothing. I call roadside services. He has a special little clamp and I kid you not I had to do something like. Get out of the car and "reset" it, i.e. move at least 2 meters away. Get back in. Push the start button with the key but not start the engine. Hold the button down 10 seconds. Get out again. Come back and then start the engine... I told him I thought he was taking the pi$$ but he swears it is necessary. It did start though and of course the whole procedure is not documented anywhere...
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