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  1. There is also a special on jet aircraft and airplane racing on Wednesday...
  2. I get Freesat here so I will definitely look into it!
  3. I ordered some used books over the Bay of e ... this will be my first shipment from the UK since since December. He didn't mark them as a "gift" so I am curious if German customs will pick up on it....
  4. Starting Monday prioritization is being dropped where I live so anyone can get a jab if they want.... I reckon there will be a mad rush for a few weeks...
  5. Doesn't an electronic flashed help (=is required) if you convert to LED as well?
  6. Dang I wish you lived next to me! I wouldn't have to worry about anything! Seriously though, there are people and situations that can't be solved by new technology yet. However I am convinced that the majority can and that is a lack of understanding on many individuals parts (which is odd because Siri/Alexa can tell you anything nowadays) as well as on governments that are too heavily dependent on lobbies.... An acquaintance works for BASF and e is pretty sure we will have oil for a good 40-60 years, probably longer... so I doubt many of us will have to live through when the dino jui
  7. If you contact Mark directly (e-maul can found in the eBay listing) he can work with you on shipping...
  8. Unless you live within 20 minutes of emergency services it is usually better they come to you. You can set the car to not go below a certain amount so figure out what that range is and make sure it never goes below that. If you let your fuel tank go dry you would have the same problem. If there were water coming in from the ceiling I can't think of stores open in the middle of the night that could help... again I would call in for services... People really need to write done how, when and why they use cars and instead of saying things like "but when I want to drive to Scotl
  9. Hope this is the best place for this.... As it currently stands, spectators are not planned BUT these things are changing fast AND if you are part of a race team you can come as well. More information is here: https://www.hockenheim-historic.de/en/ and here: https://www.hockenheimring.de/en/events/motorsport/bosch-hockenheim-historic/ It is also called the "Jim Clark Revival" though for some reason I find calling it a "Revival" at the scene where the person died a bit odd but hey, that's just me.... It is usually held mid April, closer to the anniversary of J
  10. Pretty well covered here: Regarding the selling back to the grid at night: They ask you up front. They don't do it automatically (unless you allow it) so if you think there is a chance that you will have to go for a midnight run deactivate it...
  11. As Renaults go though, an Alpine ain't bad...
  12. It does. Seriously. You actually "learn" while sleeping specifically your brain commits things to memory for reproduction. When I was a teacher a student I caught sleeping in class used that as his excuse... cheeky bugger...
  13. I still have a record player, cassette player, 3 VCRs (and American and 2 European), 2 DVD players (All region and Region 2), 2 Blu Ray players (One all region for DVD playback, other Region 2/B).... I am all about late adoption... Frankly, what I find frustrating about EVs is I want to know "where the brains are". I know every inch of my cars and how they work. EVs are very much for "whatever" Point A to Point B drivers and I find trying to figure out the technical aspects frustrating. I used to build computers and networks so I am not non-techie but I am just now figuring this
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