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  1. According the the supplier of the one I have it is a 1.9-1 and compatable with the Herald. The same one is currently listed on Flea Bay:- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/401711218234 Pete
  2. Ever tried a Hershey Bar?. We had the Yanks at the base a few miles away in the 50`s, and they would pass them out for "minding" their Motors. Far too much sugar!. When we went to the USA 2008(ish) I tried one, my (then 7 year old) grandaughter had some. Still far to Yuck for my taste. Pete
  3. I`m fighting the same issue. Sort one gap, and another "moves". The other issue is refitting the front Valence. It was not fitted properly, I suspect, and is an obvious "retrofit". I am still not happy with the doors the tops of which look too low to me, but the adjustment is at it`s highest?. I can lift the doors (A bit) but then the gap on the Cills increases!. Annoying/frustrating, But keeps me out of the pubs!. Week off next week, Off to chill in the Camper for a few days, Nice site behind a Pub.👍😀 Pete
  4. More years ago than I care to remember, One of the "motoring" magazines published a circuit to do what your asking using Transistors various compenentry and vero board!, (remember that, lots of holes to solder your components to?). Google has several "answers"?. I just put in :- DIY time delay for Windshield wipers? Pete
  5. HI One think not to forget, If you clean up the commutator, you should gently undercut between the segments. This reduces "sparking" and interferance with radio devices. (Especially on "Short Wave"). Does anyone still use supressors?. Pete
  6. Turkish Delight?. Ok I`ve got my coat!. Pete
  7. No personal experience. But any slight increase in resistance would not be felt as the return springs would/should compensate anyway?. I doubt if there would be any noticable difference in pedal action?. Sometimes a slight increase in pedal "weight" can help with fuel economy if you have a tendancy towards a "lead foot". Pete
  8. On one of my first ships, a tripple expansion steamer. We used similar to this with longer spouts, to manually oil the crank bearings under way. Pete
  9. PeteH


    Some are worse than the midges!. At least with the "beasties", you don`t finish up with the mother of all hangovers next day!. Your right about caravans, We started back in `69, and have had a whole series since. Then Camper vans, American R-V`s and Now an "A" class motorhome. TBF, I guess I am one of those strange people who dislike Hotels?.
  10. PeteH

    Essential reading ?

    I know am going to get into trouble for this. But, My take is most of the "technitions" are trained on computers, They ONLY know how to swap out "defective" Items, those items Flagged up on the--- Computer!!. Decent Mechanics, those still with a brain and a Mk1 eyeball are few and far between. Pete
  11. PeteH


    Hi Done, Yorkshire to Devon, In a Mk1 Escourt 1300 Estate, towing a 10ft caravan?. With Mirror Dinghy on the roof (they make great Airflow devices). Mind that was the 70`s and the M5 was still a dream!. If I remember we Overnighted somewhere near Worcester?. Yeovil to Aberdeen? 9hrs two alternate driving Mind that was in a Full Fat Granada Giha with all the bells and whistles. 105 comming down Shap on the way back. Scotland`s Georgeous, Just full of My relatives!. (Inlaws, and midges!) Pete
  12. Mine only goes as far As Piza? Stuffed crust or Deep Pan?. Although I think Servesa could be Beer?.😂 Pete
  13. Hi Check the fan belt is on and not slipping, It should drive on the Vee sides NOT the bottom of the groove. Check all the Terminal connections and the control box terminations too. If you have access to a W-S manual there should be a check test list?. Haynes, Shows:- Pete.
  14. Only ever used Engine Oils in the dashpots, on both SU`s and Strombergs, back when, It was sometimes a Straight 30W too. Then Duckhams brought out 15/30! green stuff. So changing from "summer" to "winter" grades, was thought unnecessary!. Such "sophistication"?.😒. I also had to buy it!, prior, I had just taken a gallon home from work!. (oop`s?) as we used it in the production machines. Quite a few "oil changes" where done during Lunch break!. Pete
  15. Hi, Thanks Pete, for that link. I am impressed with the prospect of fitting ball bearings to the Spindles as a way of also eliminating wear leaks?. Anyone here ever done it or attempted it?. I`ve more that once considered over the years Sleeving/oversizing the spindles or re-bushing. But converting to sealed bearings just never occured. Pete
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