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  1. I can put my hand up?. Recent "finds" include parts of a Smart Car, The Roof Rail off a 93 Odessa (R-V), The "spare" wheel for a 1980`s Caravan, Bits of a 1953 Split screen Moggy. (badges etc). There are likely others too, Oh!!. and a pair of CD150 Stromburgs?. from the Vittesse. Pete
  2. I`v been using "Webroot" for some years now. It flags up lots of potential "dodgy" sites, I often get the "warning". Also it flags those sites that have "content which could affect your online security". Giving you the chance to avoid them. Pete
  3. Back in the day, when I was "on the tools" we where warned never to re-use "second hand" spring washers?. Under service conditions they can back off, certainly often enough to give concern. Like never re-using "stiff nuts" either. OR (somewhat surprisingly to many) Don`t grease Wheel Nuts!, just torque and then check after 50 miles or so. Pete
  4. I re-fabricated some end fitting`s from scraps of Galvanized strip steel I had, took about 15 min each.👍 I had some 1/4" steel rivets which cut down to make nice pins too. The split pins come from stock. I know they are not that expensive to buy, But the Postage is more than the part(s) cost.! how do they justify that?. Starting to look the business though. Pete
  5. Back in the 70`s, We had a Cortina. Weird issue, kept cutting out. Would run until it got a bit warm under the Bonnet and then splutter and die. After a lot of searching, the cause was found to be the HT lead from the coil to the distributor as it warmed up was moving closer to a bulkhead bolt and arcing from a "radio suppressor" fitted in the lead, killing the engine. Spotted on the first occasion it happened at night when the spark/arc was visible. Of course every time someone had checked the ignition, the lead was moved away from the bolt and the engine would then run again. Pete
  6. One of the "Complaints" leveled at "easy start`s" is that they tend to wash the oils off the cylinder walls?. I know back in the day we always had it for the (extremely) reluctant to start Ship Lifeboat Engines!!. But then we where more concerned to be able to get the boat away from a sinking ship`s potential to take us down with it!. Used it for years on old Fords and Fordson diesels as well. Saw it used by the wharfies to start brand new SAAB`s too in Sweden in Winter!.
  7. Ford, ran a start system, which basically used a 6volt coil on 12volt systems, protection for the coil during running was by a Ballast resister, by passed by feeding the coil 12v via the starter during cranking. This meant at the point of lowest voltage during starting the spark was not deteriorated. Later they changed the resister for a resistive wire, which was often incorporated in the loom. (and which led some to assume it was a 12v Coil) The wire from the start solenoid was not separately switched, as normally only live when cranking. If said, solenoid, wire failed as little as 4volts could be getting to the coil which would result in a massively degraded spark and difficult (to say the least) ability to start!. A battery which was already low would exacerbate this phenomenon. Food for thought?. Pete
  8. PeteH

    Noise camera's

    Meeting "type approval" is 74Db. Modding it above that is an offence. There is BTW, No legal limit to actual road noise?. (GOV.Org). My own opinion is that any "fine" could be challenged, somewhat like some parking charges, unless the exhaust could be proved to have been modified?. Pete
  9. IF you really, really, want a Black hole down which to pour Money?. 1) American R-V`s, they suck it in at an horrendous rate. Everything is imported and twice the cost once it lands on the driveway!. Tyre`s, obscure sizes and always in excess of £250/wheel, if your lucky you only need 6, some tag axles take 8. 2) Boats!. Especially on marina moorings!. £££`s/per ft length.😭. Still "as they say", It`s only money and there are no pockets in a shroud. SWMBO and I call it "Skiing". Spending the Kids Inheritance!.😁 Pete
  10. Lets face it, the vast majority of "young" persons, think they are invincible and it won`t happen. It`s been that way since, as we say up here, "god was a lad". Back in the day we rode motorcycles capable of (close too if not actual) speeds of 100MPH without helmets, wearing jeans and an ex RAF flying jacket we "lost" mates but even that didn't deter us.. We had the polio "epidemic", no one bothered much about that either, but lives where lost and some badly crippled as a result. Enough to concern a government to implement mass vaccination, as I recall?. Getting the under 30`s "on board" is never an easy task. Pete
  11. Glad to see you got a result. I (personally) would still wonder IF the Flywheel has been the "victim" of excess machining?. But a result is a result, regardless.👍 Persistance wins in the end. Pete
  12. New one to-day for anyone Currently using "GiffGaff" as provider:- From 44 7707 250365:- Giffgaff: we require you to confirn details on your profile At. https://giffgaff.pds2-secure--------etc; by thy 16/10/21 to continue using services. Checked it wth G_G. it is a scam. Pete
  13. So Flu jab out the way 2 weeks ago, (4 Strains allegedly). Yesterday we had our covid (Wuhan Flu) booster jabs. Pfizer this time, (we had the Astra Zenica originally) Bit "off colour" to-day though, like the early syptoms of flu?. Red Wine time approaches that`l take care of it,so upward and onward. How`s everyone else doing?. Pete
  14. Happened on SWMBO`s Quashqai, Beeping and a Tyre symbol on the Dash. Just reinflated to 30 all round and it disapeared. I have a set of "Tyrpal" sensors on the Motorhome, Saved a tyre once when the front N/S brake started dragging the caliper, and overheated. Showed as a High Temperature Warning. Pete
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