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  1. Hummm... I think I'll put the idea on the back burner for the moment. i don't need to change the switch, just filling in time as the weather is 'merde'
  2. Ok, so I've been looking at what is available her in France. Still reluctant to order from UK due to unclear position with courriers charging the earth for 'customs clearance'. I've got a lead on a possible one the thread is NPTF rather than NPT, looking them up I think it would be ok can anyone confirm this thanks.
  3. It matches the paintwork well, or at least some of it . . 😜
  4. Sounds like an interesting alternative to a worry dial. do you have any details of a supplier - car is a 13/60. Thanks
  5. I'm going to ask the moderator to pull this thread as it is bringing back too many memories of my (misspent) youth. I don't think there has been one reference I don't agree with. Nobody mention Joe Cocker please. Back when I was a 17 year old in Chesterfield he would be a regular singer in the town's pubs and we would find out which and avoid them 🥃 The rumour was that his fee was all the beer he could drink. His 'hit' at the time was Marjorine.
  6. Heard it hundreds of times . . . 🤩 Yes I'm THAT old !
  7. And they say money doesn't grow on trees
  8. To talked me into playing it, it is running as I type!
  9. Yes cats bringing in birds is the worse! Feathers everywhere, mice and the like are fine as long as they are dead on arrival or soon after 😖 It's when they put them down and go and have a snack then when they come back look surprised the mouse isn't there any more. While on the cat theme, we passed our interview and inspection last Saturday by a lost/abandoned cat and we are up to 4 now.
  10. Chris A

    Shakedown run

    How old is the fuel? A few months shouldn't matter but a few years . . . I don't use my 13/60 over winter so it sits with whatever petrol is there at the end of the season and never had a problem.
  11. I haven't ordered any bits from the UK either but Madame has had quite a few embroidery kits and bits from Scotland. None have been any longer being delivered or incurred any extra charges. The packages have all had the correct customs stickers on. They have all been sent by normal postal services, not courrier companies. Fingers crossed for you.
  12. To be precise, not French but Percheron. Time is an alien concept, watches aren't worn we use calendars for urgent matters. The church bells let us know when it is coffee time or lunch. Being serious there is the 'Percheron 1/4 d'heure'. Example : a meeting or event advertised to start at 20h00 ( 8pm to you) nobody will turn up until 20h15 and it won't start until 15 to 30 minutes after that. We found this out very early on when we moved here by arriving for a village event on time and the lights weren't even on. I once asked my boss how long a time delay 'tout suite' was, his reply
  13. My second jab tomorrow 9h50, quick breakfast rather than leisurely 😒
  14. A trying day without a completely positive result. Treat yourself to a glass or two of your favourite tipple, you deserve it.
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