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Leyland Australia

Peter Truman

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Attached here is an article from an Australian local produced free Classic Car Mag " Country Motor Australia" issue 50 it comes out monthly. If wanted I can fwd full mag.

This article is generally about Leyland Aus produced cars and UK models with larger Aus produced engines, an interesting read. I remember around early 60's dad had a Wolseley 6/99 ?110? and it was in for repairs so they loaned him a 24/80, I wasn't impressed and chose to catch the tram to school, spoilt little brat! I like the SA Apache with it's Triumph front and rear ends.

I've attached a photo of my first Works Car here in Aus Aug 74, a 6 cylinder P76, most were orange? Compared to the equalivent Holdens and Fords it was a great car but suffered teething problems, the glued in windscreen kept falling out & during an emergency stop the front bench seat pulled out of the floor!! works garage fixed that with BIGGER washers. The boot was massive and could swallow a 44 gallon drum! It was the first of 27 cars in 30 years. 

Aus Aust History Pg1.jpg

Aus Leyland Pg2.jpg

Aus Leyland Pg3.jpg

Aus Leyland Pg4.jpg

Aus Leyland Pg5.jpg

My First MMBW Car Leyland P76 - 1974.JPG

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