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TSSC car records


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Does the club keep a log of the cars owned by paid members?

My GT6 has a TSSC sticker in the window from around 1997 so I assume PO was a paid member at some point.

Probably can't get any info about the owner because of GDPR but was curious if any vehicle details might be known. 

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It is almost certain that the GDPR. has made it impossible for the retention of any such "data". The amount of work involved with obtaining the necessary "consent", would be far more than any Reg; Sec; would wish to cope with.

Despite the fact that I am my wife`s Carer. Many organisations will not speak with me unless she physically confirms such. This can be a real issue when, as happens, her throat closes up (No speech) and I need to get information from her medical teams!. I just ring 999, even though 9 times out of 10 she spontaneously recovers, before they arrive!. (wacky races!).


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Shame. I was hoping that maybe we could use the information since we're talking about the cars and not the owners. But looking at the ICOs definition, because the owner could be indirectly identified by using the numberplate from another source it falls under GDPR.

That sounds like a headache PeteH, especially as most department's in these organisations are siloed and often can't, won't or don't pass notes across.

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