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  1. Hi, Thanks Pete, for that link. I am impressed with the prospect of fitting ball bearings to the Spindles as a way of also eliminating wear leaks?. Anyone here ever done it or attempted it?. I`ve more that once considered over the years Sleeving/oversizing the spindles or re-bushing. But converting to sealed bearings just never occured. Pete
  2. Hi The year I started Work!. Sweeping Floors and making tea/ running errands (mostly to the bookies! or for the Bacon Rolls!), for a bunch of "hairy ar*ed" fitters Before going into the aprentice school. Hence why I thought myself "too old" for a kid`s programme. Pete
  3. PeteH

    Engine mount

    🤣🤣. Ahh! Well. I have some (black) heat resisting paint from "refurbishing" the Cast Chimnea a few years back, Not shinny though, a nice Matt finnish. Pete
  4. Hi No Idea of weight. But I lifted mine one end at a time.? Most of the time though it was on a home made rotator, and It had the Turrets etc removed for cleaning and Painting Pete
  5. PeteH

    Essential reading ?

    On some of our roads??. With the traffic on either side you`d be hard pushed to get a Bike down the centre!. I Think in France you are allowed to move livestock? and perishables?. So a crate of cabbages in with the White goods?.😂 Pete
  6. 👍👍. Well done!. I remember the 6 wheel range rover. Westland Helicopter`s at Yeovil, had one as the Airfield Fire Engine!. I think all the axles where driven?. Pete
  7. Hi Strange they don`t seem to fit them to engines and gearboxes anymore. My (almost) modern `56plate 107 has neither?. All my "old" Fords had one. Dad`s Old Hillman had one. What is different?, OK oil has changed, it`s allegedly formulated to carry the crap in suspension, and (I assume) lose it in the Filter?. Non Ferrous wont be caught of course. Pete
  8. Hi I`ll go with Pete on that one. To me the adapter thread looks slightly larger and courser?, enough to suggest a previous need to re-tap the case?. Suggesting a modification, or more likely a broken/stripped thread?. Pete
  9. Some don`t know quite what to charge. Guy recently wanted £50 for a (Steel) front Herald Valance that was more like a lace curtain!. £200+ for a new one!. At those prices the Fibreglass one is going Back on!. Pete
  10. PeteH


    I did!, At the age of 60. I had just bought an American R-V, which was Plated at 9tonne!. Thinking I was OK to drive it through "grandad rights". BIG mistake. They had changed the rules on HGV testing back in the 70`s. And because I did`nt get a Medical and get it signed off. I had lost said rights. Cost me over a Grand to do a short course and re-take. Passed first time. Went on to do a bit of part time agency HGV work. Helped pay for the Diesel. Pete
  11. PeteH

    Engine mount

    Hi Just one of those "Daft" thing`s, I know. But, looking at the nice clean painted surfaces. I note the Crank case is painted Black?. Would that have been how they left the Factory?. I ask as 90% of (say) BMC cars of the era, came in Green?. and I`ve seen odd ones painted Red, as well as Silver?. Or is it just a matter of whatever heat resisting paint is available?. P.S. You can tell from the question it`s 6-30 am, and not a lot going down yet as the other half is still asleep. I`ll go and walk the dog I think?. Pete
  12. The other disapointing factor is?. How do you do "handbrake turns"?😀 Pete
  13. Hi At Shows and Festivals on the Malvern showground. We have had until Noon Monday in the past. Even though the Shows themselves packed up by 4pm. Same at Lincoln and Peterborough too. If in doubt, could be worth a call to the showground it`self? Pete
  14. Haynes, Quote exactly the same. 38-42lb/ft. The Thread is 3/8UNF. BTW. I ran a Tap through some yesterday. Checked a couple of Supplier sites, the max recomended is no more than 48Lb/ft, for a Grade 5 Bolt/Nut. Like yourself, when I first saw it I thought it was a low figure. Pete
  15. PeteH

    Essential reading ?

    I used to love driving the R-V through France Sundays, on the way to overwinter in Spain. All the "Cammion" where parked up until midnight!. No mad Lorry drivers cutting you up at every oportunity!. Living in a Village, everything (except the 2 Pubs) is closed on Sunday. The "Costsutter" has a few hours, After 4, thats it!. I reckon that`s civilised?. Pete
  16. Hi. Right, the count did not go well. The vast majority are Mini Nuts. Same thread but nose is very different. However I have 5 you can have if you wish, I cleaned them up and ran a Tap through them. The mini ones I can cut new tapers on in the lathe if I have the need. But I have full set and spare. I suspect I will change them for L-R ones anyway IF I go for minnlites. If you PM me, I will arrange to post them out. We are only at the Campsite from Sunday leave Thursday am early. Pete
  17. I`ve camped on the 3 C site at several Festivals and Shows over the years. In fact I marshalled a couple of Motorhome one`s. I am very surprised if there is some limitation?. The two big Camping/caravan organisation do have site`s resonably close if you are a Member?. This:- https://www.ukcampsite.co.uk/sites/calcdist.asp?address=&tents=on&caravans=on&motorhomes=on&campervans=on&bar=&shop=&restaurant=&beach=&transport=&md=10&l=52.1114241&lg=-2.3295406&sort= Is a Good source for Campsites generally. Hope it`s of some use?. Sadly there is no way I get there this year. Pete
  18. Bane of my Life!!. P`s me right off!. Wifes Nissan has that feature, I turn it off when I can remember!. But it comes back on automatically every time you leave the car and re-enter!. I am informed that there is a "switch" on the Bonnet, which allows the "techies" to run the engine without it when servicing. Shorting it out disables the "stop/start" PERMANENTLY. However it`s HER car, and I am barred from interfering with it!..🤬. Pete
  19. PeteH

    Essential reading ?

    Don`t despair, Son`s?. ( I have two, No daughters🙏) Eldest, 50+ Say`s to me "the upstairs toilet won`t stop flushing? how do I stop it". Went up, had a look, "got a screwdriver?". Screwdriver in hand I turned off the Service Valve, staring us in the face!. Muttered "bloody dickhead". He goes back to the lounge and say`s "dad just called me a dickhead". So I finnish up getting verbalised by Daughter in Law AND Wife!!!!. Pete
  20. PeteH

    Essential reading ?

    A techniqe re-learned in the 60`s, involving cadence braking, heel and toe, and the use of the handbrake, when attempting fast passage on forest stages too!. getting it wrong usually involved hugging a large tree. (before 4WD and ABS). My only current "antique" motoring book is a pre war copy of "the Motorcyclists handbook". Involving Girder forks and open valve gear, amongs other delights. Pete
  21. Sadly no. I won`t be making the Triumph weekend. Her indoors and I are taking a few days out midweek on this quiet Pub site in Notts. Just off the A46. near Bingham. For complex reasons of a health nature we are still trying to keep a low profile, and this type of "break" in our Motorhome is a way to get some "escape" time. It is quiet during the week and the Pub does excellent food, Real ale, and the benefit of being able to take it back the the M-H on the site if the Inside is deemed too crowded. Pete
  22. PeteH


    My youngest grandson, who lives in Texas, had to search around for an instructor who actually had a Manual car, in order to take his driving test, Virtually ALL car`s sold in the USA are automatic, be they ICE or E-V`s. He like his Father and Mother, who both learned to drive over here of course. are amongst the few who have the skill set. Mostly Ex Pats. Pete
  23. PeteH

    Stuck inside

    There WAS an article in a Courier back in the 80`s, around the time we sold the Vitesse. Where someone had grafted a 2000 auto box into a vitesse?. Had I seen it before I sold, I might well have done the same as "managment" loved that car, but lost the ability to use a clutch after surgery. Looking at the Photo`s the Selector could be Triumph?, but on a 4 pot engine??. The only one I can think of of that vintage is the Ford 1300 (Crossflow) which they put auto boxes on for the Escourt?. But that is not a Ford Shift. Any More sugesions?. Pete
  24. One of life`s factors that we all tend not to consider, thinking that the needle was positively seated when hard home is one of them I suspect?. The taper is critical, as is wear in the Jet, I have known guys use piano wire or even a small drill to clear a blocked jet and then complain they cannot get a decent a mixture!. Too much "slack" in spindles, is another cause of frustration!, with irregular fluctation of air flow causing issues. Little wonder the world went to fuel injection as one of the ways to better control "emisions". BTW, One trick I learned, If you suspect the Throttle spinde of leaking to much air, Putting some "putty" around the spindle as a temporary seal, (blue tack?) can show if your right. With my 13/60, still some way from "completion" I have all this to come, I guess? Pete
  25. Let me do a recount, They are in a Box with several (hundred?) other redundant nuts. IF I have enought (good ones) to let some go. They are FOC, postage might be a bit steep as they are quite heavy in comparison to size. I would add, that if you have access to a Lathe, the nose of some may need recutting to suit the wheels. But let me check first. BTW. If you fancy a ride out?. I May be at Bingham, (just off the A46) 9-13the Aug. If I can get a campsite pitch.? Around 20miles I would guess.? Pete
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