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Drivers dropped


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Drivers door on my Mk3 Gt6 has dropped causing a bang when shutting door. Found the door hinges won’t do up tightly and after adjustment just drop again. Oversized bolts have already been done so need to replace threaded plate inside A post. Can’t see how to get them out without cutting, how has everyone else got them out?D9351C2A-6A54-43C5-BEFB-EC53B2E1CA20.thumb.jpeg.26eff8fa271b1369b7bca8e68a95a212.jpeg

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Top hinge is vertically boxed in, bar a small hole in the bottom. Slightly more access to bottom hinge but still tight.

possibly could get nuts on back of bottom hinge plate but may run out of money for swear box.
But can’t get to back of top hinge plate


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IIRC the plates can be be removed by accessing through the hole on the inside of the A post. The plates are held loosely in place by clips.

Southern Triumph in Southbourne did mine on the drivers side. It's a bit of a 'pig job', like most jobs on a GT6. (does anyone remember the 'pig job of the month' in the GT6 section of the Courier)


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