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2500 Distributor Drive Gear


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I'm currently at the stage on my rebuild of fitting the distributor to my 2500 engine. 


Problem is I'm unsure which drive gear to use and what the correct alignment is.


The engine is a 2500 carb model. Reading good ol Haynes has left me completely confused. It conflicts instructions for a 2000 and 2500 engine missing out key bits of information.


So questions I have are;


1. Which is the correct drive gear from those shown below - A or B?


2. Which position should the oil pump shaft slot be in as per the workshop manual shown? 


3. Should the slot on the gear top face when fitted in place be vertical as shown or at 45' facing rearwards?


4. Should the crank timing be set to TDC or the firing psn of 8' BTDC?


Any help on this would be very much appreciated.


I'm fitting a new / recon distributor Lucas 41219 which I believe is a 22D6 and for a TR6. The company I bought this from said it would be ideal for my engine. 







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in the end of the day it matters not a jot , the only important bits are that the rotor points to no1 HT terminal on No1  tdc firing stroke and the firing oder is 153624 anticlockwise from where  the  No1 is rotor  pointing.


the other factor is it has to allow the dizzy body to fit and have some adjustment without fouling the vac capsule etc. 


as you have two skew gears  you could reverse the plan and get the dizzy rotor where you want it to be with NO1 on  FIRIING TDC  ,align the offset dog to suit and drop it in , it will rotate on tooth helix so may take a couple of drops before you are happy.  re time the ignition on completion.



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