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Screenwash Conversion


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Right here we go again. Have posted about seatbelts for my First post and got a number of replies. Wanted to thank everybody for their advice but page keeps saying unresponsive so have no tried on something different hope it works this time and no long spaces. Right back to screen wash question. Am sure somebody had posted about removing the bellows and bonding in a push switch that would operate the electric pump. I can't find it know. If someone could point me in the direction. Have looked on ebay for bigger bottle but they look like they wouldn't fit so will need to be economical with the squirt. Thanks in advance 


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Many thanks for this. Finally got round to doing it. Purchased a pushbutton switch. Carefully parted the old plastic top from existing switch. Bent up a piece of aluminum. Mounted pushbutton switch on it and Carefully pop riveted bracket to existing casing. That bit done I purchased an electric screenwash pump. Eventually got to fit that and then a bit of wiring. All done and works a treat. Shame water bottle is not bigger as can imagine might empty quicker. It's a lovely conversion and keeps the original switch.

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