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spitfire engine mounts outside or inside the box section.


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I have removed my engine mounts to change them my old ones had a thick large silver spacer between the mount and the bit that joins the engine without the gap seems quite wide. Secondly, I am not sure if they go inside or outside the suspension box section. If you know what i mean so you can place the mount on the outside and bolt through or fit it in the box section part and tighten up from the outside. I can't even find any pictures to look at not clear in the Haynes manual. 


Thanks for your Help  Iain 

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The engine mounts bolt to the front of the suspension turret - so on the "outside" if I understand your meaning correctly. Occasionally people get it wrong, or do so deliberately to move the engine back or correct for a bent engine font plate (often the result of a crash).

There shouldn't need to be any spacers between the mount and the engine front plate but occasionally they get fitted to fix a clearance issue on the sump to steering rack or, as in my case, asymmetrically to move the engine a fraction for clearance on a tubular manifold.

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