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How to secure new valves by peening, for a mechanical fuel pump


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I Bought a cheap used AC pump to keep as as quick bolt on spare if needed, while travelling long distances. I have bought a service kit to rebuild it.

To remove the old valves I used a half round needle file to remove the slight ridges/bulges, that corrosponded to, and are below four (for each valve) tiny rectangle recesses on the body around the valve bores.

I assume these reccesses were the footprint of the original factory (hand?) peening tool?.

The valves were sitting. maybe a couple of mm below the flat surface of the pump body which contained the peening marks.

Do I use a suitable shaped punch in the origonal peening recesses? or other info on how I re-peen the new valves in?.

Cheers Dave



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  • daverclasper changed the title to How to secure new valves by peening, for a mechanical fuel pump

I didnt re-peen mine or use any paper gaskets (I bought just valves not the complete repair kit) as the new valves tapped so snuggly into place with a suitable sized socket. If I had peened I would have used a centre punch to give three slight indentations around each valve👍 

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Thanks Johny. Will see it they fit snuggly? (not much fuel pressure with an open valve to dislodge them anyway, I assume?).

Not sure how to easily peen these (certainly I'm not an expert "peener". though the principle seems obvious), to secure valves?, as mentioned, the top of the removed valves, were (from memory), a couple of mm below the top, peening surface, so evan thought alloy, may take a little bit more wellie? .

Will see how the new valves fit and take it from there.



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As I say, if you want to, a centre punch dot into the edge of the soft alloy will be plenty as youre only looking for the slightest bulge to keep the valve locked in place. The more metal you push out of place the more youll have to file off the next time you want to change the valves😲

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