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  1. I wondered about Baines profiles for Vit saloon rear window, just need an offside. Seem pricy and only sold in pairs, and pos crap regarding fit and quality of rubber from main suppliers?. Any ideas of best product/technique, to glue the joints if I bought a longer section from them?. Cheers, Dave
  2. I have used a decorating heat gun on alloy, get it hot so it expands, and use penetrating fluid, may take a few goes but has worked well in the past. Have been wary of hot gas flames on alloy myself?, though I think folk do use it?
  3. Thanks folks, that helps. I wish we still had small local Autofactors (though we do have Europarts, etc, though maybe there stuff is in sealed packets, so can't try it?). I live in Bristol and certainly not any small shops nearby anymore. NM, the sizes were just a, off the top my head example, so no relevance to any particular applications. Cheers, Dave
  4. They normally seem to self tighten in use?
  5. Hi. This is about me making sure the clip will go on a hose and also clamp it when buying. So, if a jubilee clip has for example a stated sizing of, 9mm to 14mm, does that mean a hose with an E.D within that range will generally clamp up ok, or is the 9mm the max the clamping diameter, therefore a hose of E.D 9mm would not clamp up sufficiently?. Phew, hope you understand what I mean?. Cheers, Dave
  6. I think I remember?, something about using valve seals successfully (can't remember which car from) to address worn carb bodies/spindles. Can remember how they did it, as it would alter the spacing for the spindle attachments I assume?.
  7. Maybe a good example of what could be included in a new " Tips and Tricks" heading/section, which there has maybe been resistance to implementing in the past I feel?, for some reason?. Surely it could be as useful, as for example the "spotted" section, though I can't say how used it would be?. What do you DIY folk, without a thick check book, who use the cars a fair bit and need some reliability think?. Dave
  8. Hi. I replaced these a bit back, though are poor quality. Some Poly replacements are on the shopping list, though in the meantime I was planning to use some better hose I have knocking about. This hose is straight and valve won't be fastened as is usual. It is approx 10mm I.D and will sqeeze on the stubs, though the original hose looks approx 13mm I.D. Will this affect how the engine runs?. Thanks Dave
  9. Thanks. Also is the deck approx 1mm gauge, as I think the rest of body panels are?
  10. Hi. Have done some welding of thicker stuff, though want to butt weld a small section/hole of in the corner of deck under the rear seat. I know distortion not such an issue on this job, though interested any alternatives to using an compressor air line (haven't got one) to cool down the weld areas quickly when doing short individual welds, spaced out around the joint. Thanks, Dave
  11. I've got one that came as a spare with Vitesse. Restored it myself and looks good I reckon. Car is very straight I reckon and was well restored to originality a while back with attention to detail (not even found a rogue fastening yet!), and all the gubbins and wiring look clean and tidy behind dash, looking underneath so hopefully straight forward!. Anything to bear in mind or tips, when doing swap please?, I imagine it's a bit of a faff, at least?. Cheers, Dave
  12. Hi. Wasn't aware of this!, what the hell, is it?.
  13. Maybe have a look at the plugs after running with the issue. Can tell a fair bit. Wished I had done that after problems, as I replaced most of ignition. A look at the plugs would have showed cylinders 1,2,3 (6 cylinder) engine running massively rich, which would pretty much be a fuel issue. As it was I had replaced air filter upside down and blocked air into carb
  14. Yes I noticed those on my old one, which I replaced as leaking a bit on the 2 outer exhaust seals. Did wonder about replacement not having them?, and only 3, which were, 2 outer exh, and central inlet, as your photo Paul. Interested what the purpose of the copper rings/seals?.
  15. That was my main issue (also the overflow hose maybe leaking air at filler neck), the top of filler neck not quite flat, used some fine ish wet and dry on a sanding block.
  16. Not sure how accurate that film is (though I agree with the gist of your comments on this thread), if it's the one with Kev Cosner as a cop, then I wonder if may be propaganda ish?. If it's the film I'm thinking of, for example, there doesn't appear to be any evidence of Bonnie killing anyone directly (as the film shows) and other independent witnesses only ever saw her in a secondary role (despite the cigar/gun toting original photo's), though obviously seriously implicated. Just saying, it's maybe rather hard to have solid beliefs, from what is very available on the screen etc?
  17. Hi. Not a question about the virtues (or not) of these. May have to disconnect and reconnect a few. I understand they are pushed in tightly and correspondingly take a bit of getting out? Do I need a special tool, or alternative/adapted tool etc. Cheers, Dave
  18. Just seen Colins post. Prob worth using
  19. See my last post before your last, though yours apparently posted before mine!
  20. Also maybe check condition of top seals. If ok maybe leave them as had mixed results with new ones. First replacements lasted about 2 years, current ones still ok after 5. Simular price. Luck of the draw maybe. A bit of a pain to dismantle just for these.
  21. A while back I replaced the bushes (as knacked) with the standard cheap nylons, they only lasted a few K miles. Replaced with Poly's and still ok 15K later.
  22. It's a 3 prong/filler neck locating part that was riveted to the inner part of simple petrol cap. Have the usual rivet sizes, though too big. To redrill the 2 holes for common smallest rivet, would make one of holes very close to the edge of the locating section and be a weak point I reckon.
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