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Spitfire 1500. Ignition fuse or unfused?


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Next couple of days fitting an acuspark electronic distributor.   It will require a 12v supply.   So cant just take a wire off the coil as ballasted.   

 I understand i can use either a green wire for supply (the overdrive wire being close) which is fused or a white wire unfused.    

Must admit my preference is to fuse. As per the 3 i blew yesterday mucking about behind the dash.   But obviously could leave me stranded if a fuse goes. 



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it is most unusual to fuse ignition supplies

a white would generally be ub fused ignition controlled circuits 

do not take the ballast as thats ony 6-8v  not the 12v the accu needs to work over its voltage range so yes collect the 12v from a white  the green will be fused ,not advised 


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I too needed a 12v supply for the electronic ignition module as it is a ballasted system.  I ran a separate wire from a switched unfused supply but fitted an in-line fuse holder.  As this just supplies mA to power the electronics, I used a 3 amp fuse.  The fuse holder is hidden behind the dashboard but is easily accessible from the driver's seat.  When parking in a non secured location, it is easy to remove the fuse and push the holder back out of sight. Just remember to replace the fuse before trying to drive away or you will spend several frustrating minutes trying unsuccessfully to start the engine !  I have never had the fuse blow but I do carry a spare.

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