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Mk 2 Vitesse gearbox remote linkage


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Looking for a remote linkage for Mk2 Vitesse with D type overdrive.

 I have scanned EBay but majority are for Spitfgire / Gt6.

The only number I can see on my remote is “303283” 

Can anyone help?

Thank you. 

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Hi JohnD. I am unable to select reverse. The case hardened plate which is used to prevent false reverse gear selection and is attached by 2 screws has broken. It’s so hard that I cannot drill and retap it . Not sure how to overcome this problem so am looking for a replacement.

Anyway….. Thank you for responding. 
Any suggestions are welcome.

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303283 on the Rimmers site is defined as the Top Casing Cover, the 3 rail Gearbox "Reverse Baulk Plate" is part No 120307 NCA as shown on the Canley Site and not listed on Rimmers but shown in schematic under Gearbox, Gear Lever & Fittings. It's the same part for ALL 3 Rail box's Spit 4, Mk2 & 3 plus early IV's, all Vitesse/GT6's and Heralds.

Mick Dolphin lists the Baulk Plate 120307 for a mere 2.50GBP 

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