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Spitfire wire wheel balancing

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I’ve just bought a set of wire wheels to fit to my Mk3 spitfire. A local garage has fitted the tyres from my steel wheels to the new wires, however they could balance the wheels on their modern balancing machine 

any ideas how I can check these wheels for balance?

thanks Julian 


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it used to be quite a common option but ive not seen them in much use apart from comercials  

ie they fit a pick up on the suspn and spin the wheel up with a motor   

most wire wheel vibrations are down to run outs which balance wont solve    

try a MG specialist  they like  wires 


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21 hours ago, johny said:

I would put them on the car and see how it drives. My latest set of tyres werent balanced as the fitter said they are so good these days that older slower vehicles can do without balancing...

just to follow up - much to my surprise the fitter was right👍

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