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Front wheel camber (Herald)

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Car is a 1971 Herald with 53,500 miles on the clock.


Just noticed that the front left tyre is showing clear wear on on the outer edge whilst the front right is showing very little.

Please refer to attached pictures.

The mileage for the tyres is 6,500.

With the car off the ground no movement can be felt in the suspension.

No sign of “feathering” on either tyre

Does this indicate that the camber on the front left is wrong or could it be something else?


Thanks Dave


left tyre.jpg

right tyre.jpg

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Unless you've had the suspension apart recently, or a very heavy kerb strike, it's unlikely the camber has changed.

I would check the wheel alignment first, either at a tyre fitting depot or at home with Trackrite or Trackace. If the alignment is okay then look at camber, which can also be checked at home with a suitable gauge or straight edge and angle finder.


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