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Paddocks Spitfire MK3 front bumper


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Has anyone bought one? Very expensive but in stainless steel so should last forever. I ask as some total berk hit my car yesterday and amazingly he wants to do a cash settlement (maybe no insurance?), 


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I've had one of 'their' SS bumpers (all suppliers source from Harrington I believe) on my Mk IV for 5+ years now and very happy with it and it looks as good as the day it went on.

Fit isn't perfect, requiring a little stack of washers on each end mounting bolt - but 'slightly too wide' better than 'slightly too narrow' and as likely to be down to my at least twice restored car being narrower than when it left the factory as the bumper itself being too wide!

Mk3 bumper isn't the same but as general feedback - one happy customer here.

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