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  1. Colin Have you got the counterbalance springs fitted? These effect the position of the bonnet when closing Also don't set the vertical gap between the top of the bonnet and door too tight or you will chip the paint (Ask me how I know☹️), I reckon 1/4" maximum 3/16" minimum is about right Gary
  2. On my Vitesse I made sure the Head surface and recess on the Cover were clean and flat, I used a light continuous smear of Blue Hylomar to stick the gasket to the Rocker cover recess, then carefully bolted it in place. I used a small rubber 'O' Ring the same diameter as the stud, then a fibre washer, then a flat washer under the nyloc nuts to stop leaks Also don't overtighten the nuts or you will distort the rocker cover. Worked for me Regards Gary
  3. That's such a shame it was written off☹️ Was it ever in the Concours at the TSSC Stafford Show? Regards Gary
  4. I've checked 3 of the Vitesse's and 2 are still taxed🙂 BFM 49G (Sure I've seen this in the Concour's at Stafford in the Noughties?) FMH 371J (Seen this on the front cover of the Courier in the 1980's and in one of the old Turning Circle magazines) DVT 784J (John Griffiths Race Vitesse, was featured in the Courier a few years ago being repaired after an accident?) Great footage, I can just about remember the Custom Car craze of the late 70's? My Ex-Brother-in-law had a 1300 Ford Escort (ANU 210G I think) with furry Dashboard and wheel arches you wouldn't believe!😁😂🤣, Thanks for posting Gary
  5. Crazy?!!😵 That's worse than N.O.S. TR5 Ro-style Wheel trims?
  6. I'm afraid its gearbox cover out to get at the gearbox end of the cable, the two main Chassis rails get in the way for access on a Vitesse and I'm 99% sure the GT6 will be the same. Regards Gary
  7. This nice Vitesse just sold for around £10K at SWVA, anyone on here bought itL https://swva.co.uk/classic-car/triumph-vitesse-1964/
  8. 72 settings, the rubber block on the seat base has 4 positions, 2 holes at the front mountings then presumably 12 slot positions forward and back on the seat rails😉
  9. Wow! £636.00 for a recon Diff from Reemers!😬 Another thing to check when you remove the Drive flange is check if it's worn or rusty/pitted were it contacts the seal, this must be smooth with no marks or pitting or it will still leak with a new seal? I fitted a double lip seal on my old Vitesse with a new drive flange, getting the old seal out is a bit of a faff, I used an old screwdriver to punch and lever the old seal out. Good luck
  10. Gary Flinn

    Engine rebuild

    Sounds like Hearsay then with the Modern Payen gaskets, I must admit I've never had any problems in the past with them, but have only rebuilt a couple of Triumph 6 engines with assistance. Dave Kingerley is certainly worth a call, he may even be able to help with N.O.S. bearings, but his main business is Braking/steering/suspension components? Good luck with the build Gary
  11. Gary Flinn

    Engine rebuild

    Here you go John https://www.clubtriumph.co.uk/forums/topic/1206-major-coolant-leak-after-replacing-head-and-head-gasket-help/?do=findComment&comment=8127 Although reading the article the guy may have used the wrong type of Gasket! Someone else mentions problems with the 6 Cylinder Gaskets, although I'm sure I've read something about 1500 Spitfire Payen Head gaskets too, it may have been on a Facebook post though?
  12. It may need some slight careful adjustment with a pair of pliers to make it a tighter fit against the wheel rim and hub cap? Alternately some stick on Draft excluder foam as suggested, this worked on a rattling Ro-style trim on my Vitesse😁 Regards Gary
  13. Gary Flinn

    Engine rebuild

    I thought there were some recent issues with the new Payen Head Gaskets? I managed to source a Head & Bottom end N.O.S. Payen Gasket sets off a guy called Dave Kingerley who deals in Classic car parts, here's a link:- https://www.obsoletecarspares.co.uk/contact.htm
  14. This one up for sale again too? https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1358583
  15. Seen that one for sale a couple of times over the past year or so, it looks very straight with original Panels. Not so sure about some of the Modifications and it's a shame there's no Overdrive? Regards Gary
  16. Hi Mark I'm based in Derbyshire too, I don't know of any Stromberg Carbs/Manifolds for sale locally, but I will enquire at our next Club Meeting scheduled for the 13th of July. Have you considered attending the Derwent Valley area club meets? Regards Gary
  17. I agree, Left one earlier Vitesse models Vitesse 6 & 2 Litre Mk1, right one MK2 Vitesse Regards
  18. Be aware that there are two Types of Roto-flex type Vertical Links One is a bit wider and doesn't require spacer washers between the Link and the Trunnion bushes fitted to the Lower Wishbones Also, I've read that the replacement Trunnion Bush kits are slightly wider from some suppliers, causing problems when re-assembling. Gary
  19. Another beauty ready for the Show Circuit? https://sherwoodrestorations.co.uk/vehicle/1971-triumph-gt6-mk3/
  20. Could be another record price for a Vitesse if the seller gets what they want?🤔 https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1347582
  21. This should help I believe the brown wire to the Solenoid is 44/0.30 Red/White probably 14/0.30 as below
  22. That's something I didn't know, handy if you do need a replacement? I always wondered why the Vitesse Mk2 had a larger dash top Ashtray than the 13/60 Herald, is it because Vitesse owners used to Smoke Cigars and Herald owners cigarettes😁 🤣😀🤔
  23. Too many O's not enough P's? Lol!😆😀🤣
  24. I must agree with the Petrol in the Oil verdicts. Had this happen to my Sunbeam with a flooding Carburettor, the penny drooped when I checked the Oil level on the Dipstick and found it way above the High mark. A oil and filter change followed immediately and the oil looked just like yours and was very thin, your Oil pressure must have dropped alarmingly too!!
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