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Fitting restored leaf spring to Herald 1200

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I thought I would share my recent experience with fitting a  newly restored leaf spring to my herald 1200. 
I used a company called Jones Springs in Wednesbury to re-temper and overhaul a second hand unit purchased from fleabay. 
The company did a fantastic job of it and were a pleasure to deal with… all for what I thought to be a very reasonable price (visiting the factory felt a bit like being on car SOS)
During fitting (other than being a bit of a pig of a job) the only stumbling block was that the locating pin on the bottom of the new spring was 0.3 mm larger than the original. It turns out that this was sufficient to prevent it from seating properly. 

I am guessing the the new pin was a “close“ metric equivalent to the original . I write this in the hope that it may help someone else in future. 

The issue was relatively easily sorted by substituting the original pin to the new spring. Even then it was very close to being an interference fit. But alls well that ends well…other than looking a bit like a jacked up hot rod when first lowered it soon settled, looks much better and handling is transformed. 

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