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Rear seat belts in a Dolomite

euan douglas

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Just going to fit Securon 254 rear belts in my Dolomite and wondered where the long bolt goes, the kit has 3 short and one long bolt.  Don't want to use a short one when the long one would be best.  The instructions don't mention which bolts to use where.


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Sorry, should have said the belts are inertia reel type if that helps.  I suppose a bit of trial and error would be the best approach but if anyone has previous experience fitting the 254 belts then advice would be welcome and save me a bit of head scratching!.

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i fitted inertia in the rear of the 2000 and found the cage nuts in the rear deck panel are too close to the headliner of the C post( rear 1/4) corner 

had to use a dog leg bracket to space the reel away from the side , not the best but works well  .

i would guess the Dolly will be similar , static are easy as no mechanism , but trips passengers trying to escape 



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