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  1. Doug I was thinking of Gaz from the shop and now I wonder what setting you have them at, personal preference I know? My back ones are set at just below halfway and seem OK. As Pete says, they are expensive and are they worth it and should I change the springs at the same time or not bother? I'd replace the bushes with Poly comfort ones as well. Any more thoughts? Euan
  2. Pete As far as I know they look to be old shocks and springs, maybe original though that seems unlikely after 49 years. Apart from that - no further ideas! Might just have to go for it and hope for the best. Thought I'd fit Gaz, as on the back, with standard springs. The car sits well now so wouldn't want to raise the ride height at all. Sorry can't give any more clues, but thanks for your reply. Euan PS Sorry this topic seems to have ended up in the wrong place - finger trouble!
  3. A bit of a daft question, but can anyone tell me the spanner size to fit the trunnion nipple? I'm at a loss, nothing I have seems to fit! Also if I were to replace the front springs with new standard ones, when renewing the shocks, would that affect the ride height? As usual, grateful for all replies. Euan
  4. Thanks all. Probably like the rest of us the car had seen little use last summer and is now tucked up for the, increasingly cold, winter. I do start it up every week or so but find, especially in this cold, that the battery just does not hold a charge, so I have to charge it each time I want to fire up the car. I disconnect the battery leads when finished. The battery is 6 years old at the very least so I think, all in all, I'll get a new one. Sounds like a 44Ah will be perfectly OK. Euan
  5. Is there any real advantage to getting a 52Ah battery as opposed to the standard 44Ah for my GT6? Also I have a Banner battery at the moment and am thinking of another one - anyone got any thoughts on this make? Thanks Euan
  6. Thanks for all the replies - I'll try and figure out what diff I have and take it from there. Euan
  7. Sorry, pushed the wrong button last time I tried to post! I've been reading this topic with interest so perhaps someone could enlighten me regarding my car, MK3 GT6. When going at 60mph in overdrive 4th, the tacho reads 2000 rpm. The tacho has 3.55 on it and the speedo has 6211/OOS, or 005, 980. What the diff ratio is I have no idea but here's the question- Is the speedo reading correctly? Is the speedo the wrong one for the O/D - perhaps the car did not have O/D fitted as standard, who knows? I'd be grateful for any thoughts, however I'm not likely to do anything about it, just curious! Running on standard wheels and tyres. Euan
  8. Well, thanks everyone for their feedback. I'm now clearer on the options - I won't endeavour to change to manual adjustment, it all seems too complicated. I've tried everywhere for the levers and got a new RH one, but am told it is always the left one which becomes worn first and needless to say these are unavailable and those that are would be too worn to be of use. So I think the best way forward is just to manually adjust the handbrake when needed as described above in this topic. Euan
  9. While not directly related to brake adjustment, what I want know is: a) any ideas where can I get a set of brake operating levers for a non-roto MK3 GT6? Bearing in mind that they appear to be unavailable now. b) if completely unavailable then what do people do when they become worn? c) can you use the roto ones in the non-roto system or are they completely different? All ideas gratefully received! Euan
  10. A lovely day for a drive in the Scottish Borders. Euan
  11. Many thanks for the replies. I'm now clear on what I need and where to get it. Euan
  12. I've been trawling through the Search facility to see what anyone recommends for a GT6 battery, but other than a type 063 I am now lost. Is it important to get a 52 Ah rather than a 44 Ah and likewise is it better to get one with 520 amps cold cranking rather than say 440? Also I want one with the -ve terminal on the left front. All Halford's ones seem to have the +ve terminal on the left front. I see Battery megastore seem to do a good selection - any thoughts on them? All input gratefully received. Euan
  13. Doug I have pm'd you. eUAN
  14. Sidelights on the outside on my GT6 Mk3 Euan
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