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Radiator question


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Hi Guys,

Is there a particular type of paint that should be used on a radiator?  My Vitesse's rad has ugly, brown, rust-like streaks on it, as if a previous owner over spilled coolant and it ran down the outside of the rad.  It annoys me a bit.  I tried washing it off, but with no success.  Can I use regular flat black paint, or will that impede the heat transfer or air flow through the rad?





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If you don't want to absorb, or radiate heat, the a shiny surface is best.  That's why Thermos flasks are silvered, and NASA covered the Apollo craft (eg) in shiny gold foil.   

But if you want to lose heat, as in a radiator. Then a rough Matt surface is best and black is the best colour.  So you are quite right to use Matt black!


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