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Crankshaft thrusts - Bodge or clever engineering?


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So, after finally getting hold of an engine stand (had two incomplete ones from SGS, gave up and bought another Draper branded one which is the same thing with different colour paint but importantly came with all the parts). I’ve been able to look at the Herald’s 1.7mm crankshaft end float… Pretty sure my block has been damaged and saved in the past. The outer thrust washer is a chunk of solid bronze and two small hex head bolts have been fitted to the bearing cap in order to hold this DIY thrust washer in place. I’m guessing the crank has gone all the way through a thrust to the block at some point… Feeling like I’ll need another engine. Annoying as this is the car’s original.




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The recess on the outer face of the block though is a larger diameter than a normal thrust washer, approximately the same diameter as the end of the crankshaft. So I do still suspect the block has been machined out to compensate for some damage. 

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The standard thrust washer measures as still in spec which suggests all the fairly excessive wear has all come from this custom part. Too soft a material was used perhaps? I figure I’ll have to find an actual engineering shop to have a word with before doing anything else.

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