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Sprint cam cover gasket

euan douglas

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So folks - what's the best type of material for the gasket, cork, paper or rubber?  I think Rimmers and others do a paper one, but rubber is also available, at a price.

Also should you use sealant and if so then what's the best type and on all faces, cover and head?

All advice welcome.  The rear lower corner is hard to seal and allows a drip to go on the exhaust - a bit smelly!


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In the 90's on the daughters Sprint I brought a sheet of cork  and made one it worked, BUT for my Sprint for the last 10 years I used Hylomar built up a thickness on the cover flange, then flattened it off by placing it face down on  sheet of plastic with a smear of WD40 to stop it sticking then cut off the surplus on the inside and outside of the flange it worked great and is still ok  just don't over tighten.

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